Rock Music Vocal Exercises That Work

If you would like to learn about some rock music vocal exercises that will give you that powerful, intense voice that you desire, please read on.

Around five years ago, I really struggled with my voice. I desperately wanted an amazing voice that people would complement me over and over for. But I wasn’t really that talented, and singing was really difficult for me.

I want to share with you how I went from being a talent-less singing hack, to a singer of great power, quality, and one that has the ability to really take an audience on a journey!

By the way, if you want to sing powerful rock music, this really applies to you. Rock is pretty much the only style of music I sing, and the story of how I developed my singing voice will really help you develop an exceptional rock voice.

Back when I was struggling, I tried pretty much anything you can think of to improve my singing. I took lessons from four private teachers for years. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with singing. I bought all the CD programs that contained rock music vocal exercises.

As I continued to try to discover my singing voice, I began to realize something very important.

This is pretty much the key mindset shift you must make if you really want to master your voice. So pay attention to the next sentence!

Here is what I realized…

To develop an amazing rock singing voice, you can’t fluke it. There is a very specific way that your voice operates at it’s best. Many singing teachers call this “correct vocal technique”. While this term does make sense, I don’t feel that most singers understand how vitally important this is.

Let me spell it out for you.

If you don’t sing with this “correct vocal technique” you will always struggle. Singing will feel harder than it should. You won’t discover the “hidden fruits” that lie within, such as your “best” tone quality, your highest notes, and absolute control over your voice.

I see singers make this huge mistake over and over. They think learning to sing is a “sweat it out” exercise, and the more they “sweat”, the more they will improve.

This isn’t true. “Sweating it out” will only help you if you are conditioning your voice to function correctly… with correct vocal technique.

Unfortunately most of the vocal instruction out there actually encourages bad vocal technique. I found this out in my early singing days when everything I did seemed to make things worse instead of better!

So where does this leave you?

Well, if you can find a way to condition correct vocal technique into your voice, you will go far. If you have the rock music vocal exercises that cause your voice to operate in a “correct” manner, you will improve, probably beyond your expectations.

The turning point in my singing career came when I understood how important “correct technique” is… and when I found the rock music vocal exercises that could “program” my voice to function in this correct way.

As soon as I made this shift, I began to experience some wonderful things. All of a sudden singing became much easier. All the tensions began to simply “fall away”. I also experienced a dramatic increase in usable vocal range. (This came through discovery of my upper vocal registers.)

I can’t stress enough how important the vocal exercises you practice are. If you are practicing the wrong exercises you are just spinning your wheels. You don’t need to tell me how frustrating this is… trust me, I know! I’ve been there.

So do yourself a favor and go and find someone who can teach you correct vocal technique. If you want to know the way I discovered it, you can meet my teacher and his methods on this page. I hope through reading this article, you will be able to make the “mindset shift” that I made that changed everything. No matter what point in your singing career you’re at now, realizing that the way to make dramatic improvements is through learning correct vocal technique, will take you far.

And if you want to use the rock music vocal exercises that I used to “turn things around”, please click the blue link to learn more.


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