Rock Vocal Exercises That Work

If you are in need of rock vocal exercises that have an immediate impact on your voice, keep reading…

Because in a moment I’m going to show you the vocal exercises that will take your voice to a whole new level. But before getting into that, there’s something else that needs addressing…

You see, there’s a big problem with being a rock singer.

And it’s a problem that holds many singers back from being all they can be.

So what is this problem?

Well it’s that to be a great rock singer, you need to have great POWER… You need a LARGE vocal range… and you need a “character filled” tone quality that the audience can connect to.

The problem is, most singers believe that to deliver this power, it takes a huge amount of EFFORT and STRAIN.

This is the problem, because it’s actually counter-intuitive.

You see, you’re going to be at your most powerful when you have the greatest balance in your voice.

It’s the same with vocal range.

Many rock singers push and push to get up to the top of their range.

This “pushing” simply throws their voice out of balance, and makes it a large STRAIN to hit those high notes.

And the things that really sucks, is when you sing this way you immediately loose your best tone quality.

If you’re “straining”, your voice will always sound strained and unpleasant.

So what’s the answer?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. You need to bring your voice back into balance..

Fortunately there are rock vocal exercises that will do just that!

Now I’ve been talking about singing with a “balanced” voice in this article… so what does this actually mean?

Well, let me give you a quick overview.

There are three main systems involved when you sing. These are your “support”… the coordination’s that your vocal chords are forming… and your vocal resonance, which is the way that your sound vibrates through your throat and head.

If you can sing with these three systems in perfect balance, you will be able to sing with great power, range, and tone.

Now it gets a little more complicated, because as you sing in different parts of your range, these three systems need to be in different configurations…

But don’t get too overwhelmed because the way you can vastly improve your singing relies on only two things.

      1. Practicing the rock vocal lessons that automatically put these systems into focus.

      2. Paying attention while you do these exercises so you can memorize what it feels like to sing correctly.

And half an hour to an hour a day of doing this (with the right lessons) will cause you to improve at a rapid rate.

When I finally discovered the right rock vocal exercises, and began doing exactly what I just told you, I improved at a staggering rate.

In fact, within a few weeks I’d almost doubled my vocal range, and had FAR more control over my voice.

The rock vocal exercises I used to make this improvement can be found on this page.

If you want to increase your rock singing abilities at the fastest rate possible, check out these exercises and employ the two step process I just mentioned.

Within a few months you’ll be a new singer… seriously… I doubt if you’ll recognize your own voice.

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