5 Steps To Becoming A Great,
Well Known Singer

The Dream- To Sing Better!

You want to stand in front of a huge audience, and wow them with nothing but your singing voice.

You want to hit the recording studio, and have magic flow out of you… the type of magic that will resonate with people for years.

Lofty goals, But impossible?


There is a rock solid plan you can follow.

It’s been done hundreds of times. And if you follow the same path, greatness may follow.

So how does this plan begin?

Let’s start…

Step 1 – Putting The Foundation Together

Now before getting into step one, a small side note.

All of that follows assumes that you have your singing technique in place. You simply MUST have a solid singing foundation in place if you’re aiming for greatness.

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Ok, so your voice is in shape. What’s next?

The first step in this process is about defining a unique vision for your voice and your music.

You see, what most singers do is basically imitate their favorite singers… And from this they expect to be noticed because they sound “oh so close to singer X”.

This is a big no no!

A common thread you’re going to notice in this article is you simply cannot do what everyone does. To become a great singer you must do almost the complete opposite of what everyone else does.

Only then will you actually stand out from the crowd, and have people love you for you.

So in this first step you need to begin defining what you aim to become as a singer. Think deeply about this. I know that you have some very interesting ideas about what the ultimate form of singing is to you.

Yes, you may want to take certain stylistic elements from some of your favorite singers. But what your aim for is something completely new.

Let me give you some suggestions to help you along with this.

Firstly, you should focus a lot of attention on the natural strengths of your singing voice.

Do you have a fantastic vocal range? Is there a certain type of unique tone you can get that no one else can?

What Are The Little Quirks That Make You Unique?

A great exercise to do is write down all the strengths of your voice. Then create a plan so you can make these strengths better. The idea is to make these strengths so good that they make you stand out.

They create the scenario where if one of your songs came on the radio, people would immediately know it’s you.

Now you’ve identified your strengths, dig deeper into other areas of your voice. Look at things you’d like your singing voice to be able to do that would contribute to your ideal style.

Even if you can’t do these things at the moment, write them down.

Really hone in on all the dimensions your voice would have if it were your “ultimate form on singing”.

Now, you have these things you’d like to add to your voice. Now, write next to each quality what you believe you’d have to do to learn this new skill.

You may not know the entire step-by-step plan. But write what your gut tells you anyway. Create a “step 1” and then as you move through, new ideas will come to you and the correct plan will present itself.

Here’s a big concept to understand. Your brain is a fantastic goal seeking device. Once you’ve defined very specifically what you want to do, your brain will go to work at making it happen. So this first step is all about filling your mind with some specific ideas you’d like to accomplish.

With this, your job becomes following the ideas and instincts that come up. As you have a new insight in any area of your progress, this get’s put back into the system and a whole new set of ideas and instincts will occur.

And so the cycle continues!

Ok, so there’s the first step to becoming a great singer.

In a way, it’s about creating a vision for your voice. Something exciting and powerful that will get you on the right track.

Now, the entire vision may not come to you all at once, but you’d definitely have a lot of ideas that will get you on the right track.

The thing is, you don’t even need the whole thing to come to you all at once. You just need a “step 1”.

Step 1 in this case is actually putting to paper how your ideal singing voice will sound, and some ideas to get you there.

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