Step 2: Becoming A Great Singer

So what is step 2 to becoming a great singer who is cherished by a large base of adoring fans?

In step 1 , we began developing a vision.

A way of looking at your voice and your personality and seeing where you want to get to with it.

You should be brimming with ideas. Grand aspirations for your voice and your presence as a performer.

So what’s next?

What you need now is a pathway to get there. You have some great ideas and a vision that is sure to inspire you. The next thing you must do is have a process that will take you towards this vision.

Here’s The Most Important Key

The most crucial thing in any form of development is being able to get feedback.

This means that you need to be able to measure yourself against what you’re actually trying to achieve.

Sing better to be a truly great singer

When you do this, your brain can process where you are currently, and begin working out ways to move you closer to your goal.

Without feedback, you will be truly lost and will not be able to progress forwards. This is because if you don’t know where you are right now, how can you expect to move forward?

Ok, so here’s a practical example of having a “feedback loop” to aid in your development towards your vision.

Let’s just say there’s a certain type of “stylistic element” you envision could be a strength in your voice.

If you just add this into your singing without any feedback, you may do ok but you’ll never be great.

If however, you take this one small stylistic element, and practice just that for an hour or two a week…

… You’ll begin really getting somewhere!

Now, to really master this stylistic element so it becomes a part of you, we need to take it even further.

Let’s say you’re dedicating 2 hours a week to just practicing this element of style.

Great work.

To take it to the next level though, you need to record this practice session.

If you do this and then listen back to it, you’re creating an effective “feedback loop” which you can learn from.

You will be amazed at the detail that you’ll pick up when you listen back. And many times, as you listen back your understanding will grow. You’ll notice subtleties that you didn’t notice before.

And in your next practice session you’ll feel light years ahead of where you were before.

Creating a feedback loop like this will really take your singing voice so much further forward.

This is how you will become truly great. Average singers do not take the time to do this. Great singers do.

Here’s The Most Important Key

What Should You Do With This?

Here’s the next step to becoming a great singer.

Go back to the piece of paper that outlined your complete vision as a singer.

Pick a few details on this list, and write next to it how you can create a practice routine that incorporates a feedback loop.

Doing so will have you using one of the most powerful development tools in existence.

Begin this practice schedule and continue until you’ve mastered this part of your voice. Go for as long as it takes. Persist. Great singers don’t give up easy.

Once you do master this thing, go back to your list and choose the next thing.

Here’s An Important Side Note

Here’s how it works. When you master any given skill, there is a point where it becomes so much a part of you that you can use it intuitively.

This means, you will be singing a song, and that skill you’ve mastered will come out naturally without even thinking about it.

This is called “unconscious competence”.

So when you’ve reached mastery with many different singing skills (the ones you outlined in your vision) what happens is you become an incredibly versatile singer who will flow with music naturally.

Because you’ve got many strings to your bow, all these different skills will appear throughout a song at the perfect moment (because you’ve learned to use them intuitively) and you’ll have created your own unique style that people will recognize and love you for.

You're On The Way To Becoming a Great Singer!

By now, you have the tools to create a grand vision for you and your voice… And you have the ability to create practice schedules to move towards this “ideal style”.

You’re on the way!

So what’s next?

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