Which Singing Exercise Can
Increase Vocal Range?

Is there a singing exercise that will increase your vocal range?

Is it possible for any singer to increase their range?

I've asked these same questions....Let's get some answers...

As a singer, my vocal range used to be very limited. I would begin nice and low. I could sing quite well up through my medium range, but as I began to get higher, I would begin to reach.

I would get to a certain point and my throat would accept no more! It would grab at my tone and there would be no chance of singing any higher.

Lot's of people (including me) accept this as their normal range. They say "fair enough, this is the range I'm born with".

Not True!

This is the range you havebeen corrupted with!

No offense to you or any vocal instructor you've had, but there is much more usable vocal range, if you know how to access it.

This is precisely what speech level singing allows you to do. Using special singing exercises, we can increase our vocal range dramatically.

Here is an explanation of what goes on while we move up our range.

When you are singing correctly, as you climb up your vocal range, you will come to a point where the vocal chords find it too hard to vibrate any faster. So what do they do? They make an adjustment.

Your vocal chords 'zip up' (just like zipping up a sweater!), effectively shortening the amount of vocal chord that needs to vibrate. This coordination takes weight off the chords, allowing them to vibrate faster. You can continue up your range....

Which singing exercise teaches us to 'zip up' our chords?

Speech level singing, using special singing exercises, trains your vocal chords to form this shortened coordination automatically as you sing higher. As you continue to sing higher and higher, your chords continue to get shorter and shorter.

Net result?

You are singing notes higher than you've ever dreamed possible! All with the effort of speech...

Another thing that automatically happens is the transfer of resonance. It begins in your mouth and chest. As you sing progressively higher, the tone travels behind the soft palate, and into your head. More on this later. For now....

...back to basics!

As we sing higher, do we use More effort? Less effort?

"Give it more support" is the phrase I was so accustomed to! All my teachers used it as if it would solve all my problems....

Of course, this basically means, push harder.....Use more air. Does this make any sense? I think not...

As we sing higher, we use less air. Not more.

As you will discover, not much air is needed to sing. On the following page we will consider how much air pressure is needed to activate the vocal chords efficiently. But first, lets talk about how the air pressure effects our range.

Think about the 'zipping up' of the chords action. Do you think forcing more air through the shorter vocal chords is going to help? Of course not! We need to use less air as we sing higher into our range...

With the speech level singing technique, we don't need to be thinking about the exact amount of air to push through our vocal chords. The singing exercises are deliberately designed to balance the air pressure to the optimum level.

The only way to increase your vocal range is to learn how to balance the amount of pressure you are sending to your vocal chords. This way, your chords can zip up effectively, and you can travel up your range more and more!

The Speech level singing program contains many singing exercises to program your system to do exactly that.

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