Singing High Notes In Full Voice

In this video you'll see Hollywood vocal coach Roger Burnley talk about how you can hit your high notes in a "full voice".

This is a very popular topic amongst singers, because it can be frustrating to try and hit a high note, only for your tonal quality to change completely.

Now, to go over the most important points.

When you're singing a song, it's very likely that you will want to be able to hit each note in a similar tone quality. (Unless changing it for stylistic reasons)

One of the most frustrating things is when you sing up into your range, and then "flip" into falsetto, which causes your voice to sound less powerful and "airy".

As Roger explained in the video, the best way to think about your voice, is that in each part of your range your singing with a slightly different mixture.

Tips for singing high notes in full voice

This means when you sing up high, you're singing with a little more head voice. And when you're singing lower, you've got more chest voice going on.

Now this does take practise. But with the right singing exercises it can be achieved in good time.

One really great technique to use to sing your high notes without your voice "breaking apart" is to actually imagine that your vocal cords are staying together.

While this may sound strange, it is actually very effective in keeping your voice "connected" as you sing higher.

One again, it takes a little practice… but with some determination you will get there!

Another singing technique you can use, is as you sing higher, think to yourself that your singing "down" into the note.

This is a trick that will keep you from reaching for your notes, which usually results in your voice falling apart.

So use these little tips and tricks and see if you can sing throughout your whole range in a "full" sounding voice.

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