Singing Is Frustrating

Is singing beautifully something you would love to be able to do?

Having glorious, colorful notes floating out of your mouth, bringing tears to the audience. And you can control your voice as easy as you can control your legs when you walk. You simple place one foot in front of the other and away you go...

But it's not always like that is it?

Not always, but singing is frustrating especially if you don’t have the right instructor for you.

You try oh so hard. .. you go to lessons to learn how to sing... you pound away at exercises for hours... you practice song after song. You sweat and sweat some more.

And at the end of the session, you're tired. You’re frustrated. You think you will never be that good. In fact, you wonder how anyone has ever mastered their voice! It just seems so far away for you...

Let me tell you... I know how you’re feeling. When things aren't going well, singing is frustrating. And it seems that the same troubles occur over and over again.

When this happens, you can only come to two possible conclusions.

1. You're just not that talented, and you will never be able to sing that well.


2. You are not receiving correct singing instruction. Maybe you can't afford the lessons. Maybe you are taking some, but your teacher can't quite prescribe the right exercises to release your voice.

What ever you do...don't decide on the first option!

Thousands of people have built amazing singing voices from scratch,. Singing is frustrating for any singer. These singers were not particularly talented. They just received correct vocal instruction. correct vocal instructions.

Instructions that built a correct foundation with their voices.

This is exactly what happened to me. You see, I was never a talented singer. I struggled with what most singers do. I had limited range. My tone was awful!. I could make many different sounds with my voice, but I didn't know what was right and what was wrong!

But after discovering vocal instruction that was correct, and that led me to understand the voice, it was easy to build my voice from the ground up. There was no guess work what so ever because the instructions were so clear.

And after a few months of studying with this guidance, I had erased all my bad habits, and developed some very good habits! I learned how to sing high into my range that I could never use before. I discovered what's known as the "mixed voice", which is a muscle coordination that you can use to hit high notes, with power, and easily.

And best of all, now singing is easy. What seemed impossible before, now comes naturally to me. I can open my mouth, and know exactly how to release my sound with sweet tone quality, without straining or pulling. My singing actually feels as easy as talking now, all thanks to the instruction I received.

You too can benefit from this instruction. It's available online, in the form of an audio home study course. It's based on the world famous singing technique "speech level singing."

I think the only thing better to train your voice would be having a speech level singing teacher to take you through the exercises in person. The instructions on the CD's are THAT good!

There are 14 audio cd's in this package... it is incredible comprehensive! It starts at the beginning of the singing process, and ends with lessons that the most brilliant singers would struggle with! In fact, I've heard there are people who have won 9 Grammy awards that struggle with the last exercises on this program!

If you are frustrated with singing I'd recommend you click here. and check out the home study course. Even if you are studying with a teacher, it will be an amazing help and a thorough education for you. In my case, I studied with teachers for years before trying the program. But my voice developed FAR more after practicing at home for a few short weeks with the course.

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