Choosing The Right Singing Lesson Could Transform Your Voice

How to choose the singing lesson that will teach you how to sing and give you a voice with excellent range, tone and style.

In the last five years, I can truthfully say, that a week has not passed where I have gone without a singing lesson of some kind. I've tried it all... Private lessons, phone lessons, books, manuals, systematic programs.

I have had varying levels of success with each category. One thing I have discovered, is there are lot's of people who 'think' they know how to teach singing.

I found this type of practice frustrating, time consuming, and even discouraging. I found it very difficult to find a teacher who could show me how to correctly use my voice. As I have discovered though, there is a correct way to sing. There is a technique that will produce amazing range, volume, and tone.

On my path to discovering how to sing well, I spent hundreds, even thousands on every singing book or program I could get my hands on. I've been through almost all of the online singing programs, searching for that ultimate singing lesson. Boy...... were there some varying results!!

Some programs consisted of a couple of scales, thrown onto a CD, with no decent instruction. In some cases, it was doubtful that the instructors could even sing themselves! I had to cough up quite a bit of money to sift through the rubbish, and discover the professional, legitimate singing programs.

A big problem was, everyone selling a program, knew how to push my buttons. Every program promised amazing results, within days of trying their program. Spectacular range, sparkling tone, incredible volume.....Every program claimed that they could solve every vocal trouble you've ever had!

In the mess though, I did discover some winners. There are legitimate vocal instructors, who are experts at getting the most out of your voice. World renowned teachers who have taught the best of the best, and made them even better....

This is the reason this site was born. I wanted to separate the pretenders from the people who can really help. A few of these programs that I list on this site have helped me completely transform my voice, into something I never thought it could be.

So how do you find the singing lesson that will transform your voice?

My advice would be, read my program reviews. Have a look at their sites. I will only post programs that have greatly benefited my voice, and can benefit yours too. Also, check out some of the articles on this site. They are derived from years of studying singing, and will show you exactly how a great singing voice is developed.

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