Singing Performance Tips

by Sancia Brown
(st.kitts neivs)

My Name is Sancia Brown and I am a good singer. I am 14 year old and my biggest singing struggle is singing and having people hear me. I am afraid to sing when a lot of people are watching me.

Answer From Editor:

Hi Sancia. These are some great questions. Let's get into some answers that will help you.

First of all, it's very natural to have some fear about singing in front of people. The reason this happens is because when you have to get in front of an audience, your mind will tell you things like, "If you mess up it'll be embarrassing."

This is very normal.

Here's what you need to realize. This fear and anxiety you feel is just energy. It cannot hurt you, and if you just accept that it's a normal part of performing, it can actually HELP you!

When you embrace this nervous energy that goes through your body before you perform... accept it... it can very easily become EXCITEMENT instead of fear.

Part of getting over these performance jitters is to just get up there and do it. You'll find a lot of the time that when you do this, you'll feel the uncomfortable feelings fall away as you perform, and get a lot of enjoyment out of the experience.

Remember that the audience doesn't want to watch a technically brilliant performance. In fact, they don't care if your singing isn't perfect at all.

They want you to COMMUNICATE to them. They want you to ENTERTAIN them. If you go up and sing to the audience honestly, and emotionally invest yourself in your performance, they will connect with you, and any vocal shortcomings will not matter to them.

Now, having said that, if you are very confident in your voice when you hit the stage, this can actually make performing less scary!

So continue to work on your voice all the time. Practice the songs you are going to perform so when it comes to getting in front of an audience, you feel great about what you're about to sing.

And understand that pre-performance nerves are normal, and try to embrace them and let them flow through your body. They will only help you deliver a great performance if you don't try and fight against them.

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