You Can Increase Your Singing Range
With A Few Simple Tweaks...

Want to increase your singing range? Watch this video below to discover how you can do this quickly and easily.

Increasing your vocal range is one of the most important things to achieve as a singer. It gives you more flexibility to sing different songs. More flexibility as a songwriter too…

… And it’s just plain exciting!

There’s nothing more thrilling than watching a singer float up to a stunning high note in front of thousands of screaming fans.

You’ll find the video above very helpful when increasing your vocal range. Roger Burnley is the master when it comes to getting more range out of his clients. Just practicing the exercises in his free videos will allow you to increase your range.

You can get more videos from Roger by clicking here

The most important points that Roger went over in the video above are these:

You need to “allow” your vocal chords to get smaller as you go into your upper range (It can be helpful to just picture your vocal chords getting small as you sing higher)You can make high notes easier by thinking your singing down into the note. This prevents you from reaching up for the note.

If you set aside 15 minutes a day to practice the exercise in the video, within a week or so you should begin experiencing new parts of your upper vocal range you hadn’t yet tapped into.

And to really master your voice be sure to head over to this site and use more of Roger’s expert advice on increasing singing range in his easy to understand videos.

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