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My biggest singing struggle is that I can sing a high A in head voice, but I can't pass the A above middle C in a chest voice, or belting voice.

I really want to be able to belt like Idina Menzel.How can I extend my belting range without damaging my voice?

From The Editor

This is a great question, so thank you!

First off, it's very understandable you want to get those higher notes with more power and a deeper tone. This is something most singers aspire to.

It's arguably one of the most exciting singing skills.

So how do you get there?

Being able to "belt" those high notes correctly is something that takes time to develop firstly.

What it requires is you get very good at singing in your upper register without putting any strain on your voice.

In other words, with correct vocal technique.

The longer you do this, the easier you'll be able to "lean" into the note a bit more and get some of those deeper resonances you're after.

You can practice this by singing in your head voice, and gently "leaning into" the note, attempting to bring a little more of your chest voice into your mix.

What you're looking to do here is sing these high notes with your vocal cords in a "zipped up" coordination (similar to what happens when you're in your head voice)...

... Yet, as you do this you bring a little more of your chest resonance into your sound.

The key is patience. If you attempt to do this, and you find yourself straining or reaching for the note, back off immediately.

What you need to be doing here is getting the note without putting strain on your voice.

A good tip is to pretend you're singing "down" into the note. This will help you to sing without "reaching up" for the notes.

Good luck this this! It really is a part of your voice that will develop over time, just like a sprinter will slowly get faster.

As you sing more and more, and good vocal technique becomes embedded in your muscle memory, you'll find yourself hitting very high, very powerful notes.

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