Singing Struggle

by Barrett Boswell
(Austin tx)

My biggest problem is finding my own unique voice and tone.

From The Editor

These are wonderful questions about singing, Barrett. So thank you!

First off, it's excellent that you know it's important to find your own unique voice.

This is something that many singers will never "get". And it's actually one of the most important things about singing.

Many singers fall into the trap of trying to imitate another singer.

This is bad for two reasons.

1. Trying to manipulate your voice to sound link someone else's will almost ALWAYS result in developing bad habits.

This is because you're trying to "mold" your sound which will inevitably cause you to engage muscles that should not be involved in the singing process.

2. The singer who someone is trying to imitate already exists. We don't need another one of them. We need YOU!

We need you to go on that journey of discovery and find out what's great and unique about your own voice. And then put this voice on display for everyone to enjoy.

So, I'm so glad you realize this is important!

Ok, so now you know that how do you go about discovering your unique voice?

Well the first thing to do is work at finding what your voice sounds like without interference.

You see, part of becoming a great singer is being able to get everything that's holding you back out of the way.

It's not so much, "learning to sing". It's more a case of eliminating what's stopping you from singing brilliantly.

Very commonly there will be issues like your swallowing muscles engaging in the singing process that will limit your tone quality and vocal range.

So the first piece of advice is to develop your voice to function correctly, without interference.

This will give you an idea of what your voice is in it's purest form. You will begin to hear your voice in it's unique glory.

To do this, a great place to begin is the video section on this website. You will find many videos that contain singing exercises that will help you "remove the interference" and enjoy singing with a correct foundation.

A second piece of advice is to begin recording yourself frequently.

Only when you hear yourself on a recording will you begin to realize what you're working with.

What your strengths and weaknesses are.

When you begin to listen back to yourself you'll hear what makes your voice unique and wonderful. When you realize this, develop this uniqueness further.

Your goal is that when your singing, people instantly hear what makes you unique and wonderful.

So discover what makes you unique, and then work at making this the focus of your singing. This is what makes a great singer.

Good luck on your journey. It's a very worthwhile one to take.

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