Singing Tips For Reaching High Notes

There are singing tips for reaching high notes that can literally give you access to an extra octave of vocal range.

I used to be a singer that struggled with vocal range. I had around an octave and a half, but I wanted more! After practicing some very powerful singing exercises, I increased my range to over three octaves.

An increase in range like this doesn’t happen by accident. To do this, you need to train a small group of muscles that sit next to your vocal chords. These muscles are called the “inner larynx muscles”. Training and building strength into these muscles will enable you to discover the full potential of your upper vocal registers.

There is a very effective exercise that will “teach your voice” how to access these upper vocal registers. You can view a tutorial and learn this exercise by clicking here (opens new window).

The key to increasing your vocal range, is really in the exercises that you practice. While most singing exercises actually discourage a large vocal range (by engaging muscles that disrupt the singing process) there are some exercises that coordinate your voice in a way that will give you an incredibly large vocal range.

What Does Singing Correctly Mean?

To hit extreme high notes, you basically need to sing with correct vocal technique.

But what is correct vocal technique?

Well it would take a whole book to explain what’s quite a complicated process! But here’s the simple version (which is all you need to sing well).

Singing correctly means that you are holding your vocal chords together from the bottom of your range to the top. To do this, you need to regulate your breathing correctly AND disengage the muscles that cause you vocal tension.

If you can balance your voice so your vocal chords hold together through your range, you will notice that you can move into your upper vocal registers, because your vocal chords will shorten as you move up your vocal range.

Your vocal chords need to shorten like this (sort of like zipping up a sweater, or “fretting a guitar string”) because once the vocal chords are shorter, it’s easier for them to vibrate faster and produce high notes easily.

Singing Tips For Reaching High Notes

Here’s some singing tips for reaching high notes…

Firstly, as you’ve just learned… the only way to increase your vocal range is to practice the exercises which will get your voice functioning correctly. When you do this, you will be able to sing on a “zipped up” vocal chord which will allow you to access incredible high notes easily.

Probably the most effective singing exercise that’s been invented is described in detail on this page. (You'll also learn many singing tips for reaching high notes) You can learn how to do it and begin increasing your range immediately with this simple vocal technique.

The other advice I have is for you to consider taking this free video program.

The exercises in this program are most effective at balancing your voice. There are many powerful singing tips for reaching high notes in this program, and I feel it’s a must for anyone who wants to develop an outstanding voice.

And finally, when you discover those miraculous high notes for the first time, be sure to send me a recording!

I can’t wait to hear it!

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