"Useful Singing Training Software"

I came across an interesting package the other day that includes some excellent singing training software.

To be honest I was more curious about the software that was included in the package than the singing lessons themselves!

This curiosity caused me to order the package, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Let me tell you a little about the singing training software included in the package.

Well, first of all, the software programs are actually just bonuses for ordering the singing lessons. The first bonus piece of software is a mini “recording studio” which you can use to record your voice.

This piece of singing training software has an interesting feature where you can select a scale for it to play, so you can record along to it.

Recording your voice is a powerful way to improve quickly. When you get this “feedback” from outside your head (from the perspective of a listener) you can identify any problems in a split second.

I’d even take this one step further and wear headphones as you record. This way you are getting instant feedback on how your voice is behaving.

Learning to sing really well is about knowing which sensations and sounds are correct, and guiding your voice to these sensations. Listening to your voice back in headphones as you record is a great way to make yourself ultra sensitive to the sounds and sensations.

So this piece of software is quite useful indeed!

The second piece of singing training software in this program is “Perfect Your Pitch Pro”.

This piece of software trains you to be able to hear a note and immediately know what it is. This is a very important skill if you want to become a professional singer.

While quite simple, this software is very effective. You begin slowly, learning fairly easy pitch changes, and then as you progress, things get harder.

With this software it takes no longer than a few weeks to develop a very good musical ear. You will amazed at how fast you progress as you proceed with this singing training software.

The other bonus is that the singing lessons in this program are very good. They address many things such as increasing your vocal range, how to deliver the perfect performance and much more.

If you want to see these singing training software programs for yourself, read about them at this website.

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