Which Singing Training Will
Develop Your Voice The Fastest?

You now know that it’s important to have the right singing training… the right exercises.

You know that if you don’t practice the right exercises, your voice will not improve at all.

You also know that you can get the most effective singing training in the Singing Success program.

But if you are completely isolated when you practice, how can you get feedback to know you’re doing the exercises correctly?

Here’s how I approached this.

I practiced with Singing Success, and when ever I found myself having trouble with something, I would have a quick phone lesson with a Speech Level Singing teacher.

What is a speech level singing teacher?

Well, “Speech Level Singing” is a singing training technique developed by a man called Seth Riggs. It’s regarded as the most effective way to sing, because it teaches you to sing at “speech level”. In other words, to sing from the same posture and place as you talk.

This is the technique that singers like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Madonna and many more high class singers use to keep their voices top notch.

There are an elite group of singing teachers called “Speech Level Singing Certified” teachers that are trained in teaching this method.

You can access these teachers from anywhere in the world, by having a lesson over the phone.

The problem is, because of their high level of expertise, they are very expensive, and regular lessons would be out of the reach for most people.

So here’s what I did…

I used the Singing Success program as the foundation for my singing development. The exercises cover all you need to know about singing, and you can get amazing results just from practicing them and them alone.


If I went a few weeks and was having problems with something I couldn’t get past, I would ring up a “Speech Level Singing Certified Instructor”.

With their expertise, it wouldn’t take long to get past the problem and continue improving my voice at a great rate.

This method is also FAR cheaper than having weekly lessons with a “Speech Level Singing Certified Instructor”.

The reason I’m telling you what I did, is because you can model this same approach. I’ve told many people of this method, and seen some of my close friends have unbelievable improvements.

It’s sort of like reading a great book, and having access to the author. Every time you come to a section that you don’t completely understand, you simply give them a call and clarify it!

Here is a list of the resources I have discussed

Firstly, the foundation of the method… The Singing Success audio program.

This singing training will provide the bulk of your singing development. Practice these lessons often and you won’t believe how much you improve.

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