How To Develop An Outstanding
Singing Vibrato

How can you develop an outstanding singing vibrato?

A vibrato that adds a touch of class to your voice everytime you switch it on... And one that you can turn on and off as you please, just like turning on a tap.

How can you do this?

Watch this video to find out!

I want to tell you about a hidden benefit of vibrato.

You see, when vibrato is flowing effortlessly in your voice it means that something good is happening. Vibrato is a sign of good vocal technique. Plus it sounds fantastic...

The chances are that once you master your singing vibrato, you will be able to connect with all areas of your voice, low and high. And your voice will most likely sound very balanced as well.

So where does vibrato come from, and how can you develop an effortless one? Let's explore this further...

Vibrato happens when your voice shifts quickly between two pitches. So if you were to sing a middle C, and then a C# and then a C again, followed by a C# followed by a C, you would be singing with vibrato.

The key to a great vibrato is the speed in which you change between the two pitches.

If you can oscillate between the two pitches around six times per second, you will have a very natural sounding vibrato.

Let's Do An Exercise To Get Your Singing Vibrato Happening!

Here is a simple exercise that will allow you to see what vibrato feels like. Please understand that this is not a finished sound. It's an exaggerated version that will later be honed into something more usable.

Here's how to do the exercise.

  1. Place your hands at the bottom of your chest and feel where your ribs come together in the middle. Now move your hands slightly below this point. (it's the soft area a few centimeters above your belly button)

  2. Now sing a note on one pitch in your easy range. Any note will do.

  3. As you're singing this note, push in gently with your hands. The key is to push in, then pull out, and push in, then pull out and so on. Try doing this at a rate of around 3 to 4 cycles a second.

Listen to how your voice wavers in a singing vibrato like fashion.

Now it probably sounds a little exaggerated at this point, but this exercise is just to get things going.

To further develop, click on the blue link below.

There is a home study course that includes many highly effective exercises that will help you develop an amazing vibrato. You will also learn how to increase your vocal range, improve your tone quality, and gain greater control over your voice.

Click here to develop a silky smooth singing vibrato!

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