Singing Voice Exercises That Can
Literally Double Your Range

The most effective singing voice exercises are those that keep you at speech level. When you sing at speech level, you can produce any note in your range, with the same effort as when you talk.

If you learn to sing at speech level, you will be able to do amazing things with your voice. Such as:

  1. Singing at speech level with give you a wide vocal range. You will be able to sing incredibly high notes, as well as very low notes. This is because your vocal chords will learn to "zip up" as you sing higher. This is how high notes are sung, not by forcing the voice.If you have to strain to sing your high notes. You are not singing at speech level.
  2. You will be able to sing with no tension at all. Speech level singing uses singing voice exercises that disengage the muscles that cause you all that nasty vocal tension.These are the muscles that surround the larynx, the ones you use to swallow. Once disengaged, you will not believe how easy it is to sing!
  3. You will have excellent tone that is consistent through your entire range. Speech level singing 'connects' your voice so it functions as one instrument.The singing voice exercises teach you how to navigate your bridges, so you can travel into your upper range with no change in tone quality.

Actually, as you sing higher your tone gets richer! This is because the exercises force you to use more head resonance as you sing higher. This is what causes your tone quality to be sweet.

The Common Problem That Stops You From Discovering Your True Voice

There is a common problem that countless singers have. They do too much when they sing. Too much air. Too much musculature. Too much everything!

When this happens, your swallowing muscles will tighten up, trying to oppose the excess air flow. And this is when you start feeling strain and tension.

To function at it's best, your voice needs to balance the air pressure and musculature. When you do this you will not even recognize your own voice! It will sound that good....

The speech level singing method is the best way of doing this. The singing voice exercises are designed to balance the air flow, and develop your correct singing muscles. (And of course, train the tension causing muscles to sit still)

This is why speech level singing students have:

  1. Amazing vocal ranges
  2. Voices with consistently rich tone, through the full range
  3. Voices that can sing all night, and not get tired!

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