Singing Voice Training To Release The Full Potential Of Your Voice

Want to sing better? Read on for singing voice training that can make it happen!

In the next five minutes, you're going to learn one of my best secrets for releasing the full potential of your voice. This is a technique that you can apply immediately to your voice, with great effect.

It is seemingly very simple, but to underestimate the power of this technique would be a grave mistake.

When it comes to singing there are simple little changes you can make, to achieve great results. Can I ask you a question?

Do you have a 'breaking point' in your voice?

Do you have a point in your voice where if you were to sing any higher, your voice completely 'falls apart'?

If you answered yes, don't worry. You are common. Most singers struggle with this 'breaking' point in their voice.

Let me ask you another question. Would you like to be able to sing wildly higher than where your 'breaking point' is right now?

Because it is possible. Not only that, but it’s inevitable with a change of thinking and a change of approach.

You may not know yet, but where your voice 'breaks' is only the beginning of your voice! That's right… There is actually WAY more vocal range after this breaking point. But how can you access this range?

Let me give you a simple exercise that will give you a taste of this extra range.

I want you to sing the word "GUG" up to your breaking point. As you reach where you normally "break", just allow the sound to move *up into your head*. Don't try and force the sound anywhere... just allow it to move naturally...

Now use this sound and sing up past where you usually 'break'. Do it now.

Isn't that amazing?

Instead of your voice 'breaking', you should be able to sing comfortably up through this point, into your higher vocal register... your mixed voice.

How did you go?

It's a little hard to tell you exactly how this exercise should sound, but I'm sure you would have felt the ease at which it's possible to sing into your upper range.

The reason "GUG" works so well, is it does a great job at closing your voice down so it can't break into any bad habits! That’s why it can take you smoothly into your upper range without 'breaking'.

You can use this singing voice training as a tool to begin discovering your upper vocal range. Please don't underestimate the power of this singing voice training! It is little tricks like this that will help you fully discover the amazing singing voice inside of you.

Where to from here?

Now you have an exercise that has shown you the possibilities of singing notes a lot higher than previously, you need more singing voice training to further allow you discover your voice.

You can access literally hours of voice-changing exercises by clicking here. This extraordinary singing voice training is the result of years of working out how to make the singing voice work at its best! Practicing these exercises daily will easily improve the quality of your voice by a long way.


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