A Singing Warm Up Exercise That Gets Your Voice"Stage Ready" In Minutes

Watch the video below to watch “vocal coach to the stars” Roger Burnley explain a singing warm up exercise that can help you unleash your best singing voice.

As you’ve just seen in the video, one of the most important things you need to do to sing your best is to prevent your swallowing muscles from engaging when you sing.

When engaged, your swallowing muscles will block your tone, prevent you from hitting your high notes, and give you a sore throat.

If you can disengage these muscles using the exercise Roger demonstrated, you will find singing much easier. Your tone quality will become richer… you’ll find it easier to hit your high notes… and you’ll be able to sing longer without straining.

I personally find the way he talks about using the “Nays” on the melody of a song very helpful.

So be sure to try this exercise and see how much you improve!

In my experience, becoming a great singer is all about consistently practicing exercises like the one above in the video. The more consistently you practice, the better you’ll get.

You can get many more of these types of exercises by clicking here

Another thing that’s very important is to follow the advice of vocal coaches that really know their stuff. Roger has been teaching the voice for over twenty years, and has taken several singers from complete beginner to superstar singer. One of his more famous clients is the Grammy winning artist Macy Gray.

So click here are check out Roger’s website and watch his other free singing videos now. You'll find many more great singing warm up exercises. Before long you’ll be surprising yourself with how great you sound.

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