Sore Throat From Singing?

Are you getting a sore throat from singing?

Watch the video below and learn why this happens and what you can do about it.

It’s not fun to sing if every time you end up with an uncomfortable sore throat.

Fortunately, as you’ll learn in the above video, you’re only a few small tweaks away from singing with much less effort and strain.

As the singing video above mentions, when you’re getting a sore throat after singing it means that your vocal cords are rubbing together in a very unnatural way.

This makes the vocal cords become a little inflamed or “hoarse”.

When this happens it forces you to push more air through to get sound. And this makes your voice sore and fatigued. It also doesn’t give you your best tone quality.

Prevent Getting A Sore Throat

In the video you will see a few great exercises that will stop your voice getting sore when you sing.

One of them is to use Roger’s “reverse thinking technique”.

This means when you sing up for a high note, you actually “think” that you’re singing down into that note.

And when you sing a lower note, you “think” that you’re singing up into the note.

This keeps your voice nicely balanced and will help you stop straining when you sing.

Be sure to watch the video above and follow along with the exercises.

You’ll find that the more you practice these exercises the less you’ll get a sore throat from singing. The side benefit of this is these exercises will actually go a long way to improving your singing technique.

Which will naturally improve your range, your tone quality, and give you more freedom.

So enjoy the exercises!

And for more singing tips, here are some more articles and videos you may enjoy.

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