Is Speech Level Singing
The Correct Way To Sing?

Speech level singing is a technique used by many professional singers.

Names include Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and many many more.

The concept of speech level singing is to produce your tones at speech level ie: with the ease of speaking.

How Does It Work?

It is very common for singers to use the muscles outside the larynx (voice box) to try and mold the tone.

This is counter-productive as it causes a lot of tension, and as the singer climbs up their range, the voice tends to jam up. A person will never be able to use their full vocal range with these muscle coordination’s.

The end result is the larynx (voice box) is constantly constantly moving up and down, forced all over the place by these outer muscles.

Not only are these muscles poor at adjusting the vocal chords effectively, they cause many a sore throat!

Speech level singing

(Try this exercise.....Sing high into your range while gently touching your adams apple. Does it move? If so, you're singing with more tension than necessary.)

Enter SLS...

Speech level singing aims to correct this problem by training the inner larynx muscles to do all the vocal chord adjustments.

These muscles are far more efficient at controlling the chords. This means that the larynx can sit still, just like in speech.

As the singer changes pitch, the inner larynx muscles control the tightness of the vocal chords, adjusting them to vibrate at the correct frequency.

Training the inner larynx muscles to sit still will actually regulate your breathing and resonance distribution as you sing.

Strangely enough, many singing teachers work tirelessly with their students on correct breathing and resonance issues, usually without much success.

The SLS process has a different approach...

Using special vocal exercises, SLS aims to dis-engage the muscles located outside the larynx.

This will allow the more efficient, inner larynx muscles to do what they do best!

They will control all the vocal chord adjustments AND breathing and correct resonance will happen naturally.

The exercises will cause you to send just the right amount of air to the vocal chords. And this means...

...singing is about to become a whole lot easier!

When a singing first uses this technique, they will usually have a dramatic increase in vocal range. Let's learn a little more about what causes great vocal range...

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