A Technique of Singing That
Gets Astounding Results

I want to share with you a technique of singing that gets astounding results.

I’m talking about really massive results. The type that you step back and say, “whoa, I never knew my voice could sound like that.”

The type of results that give you the confidence to stride on stage, confidently knowing that you are going to whisk the audience off their feet.

When you talk about a “technique of singing”, for me, it really means one thing.

Learning to sing with “correct technique”.

I don’t believe singing is something that you can learn to do in many different ways.

Sure. There are different styles that sound completely different to one another. But while the style of singing sounds different, the mechanics are the same.

You see, when you learn to sing correctly, you suddenly have access to a whole palate of different sounds. Each that work within the same framework as good vocal technique.

Technique of singing

For example…

Once you learn a technique of singing that is correct, you could hit a high C in a classical “heady” sound. Or instead, you could use your mixed vocal register and hit the high C in a very powerful, loud voice.


You could use a very small, fast vibrato (vibrato is the little “vocal wobble” that adds a touch of class to your voice). Or you could use a much larger, operatic vibrato.

Can you see what I’m getting at?

To be a great singer, you must learn a technique of singing that gives you a correct foundation.

And there is only one singing method that I’ve come across that delivers this “correct foundation” easily and simply.

This method of singing is based roughly around “speech level singing”. Although some very ingenious changes have been made to make this training even more effective.

You can learn more about this method by clicking here. The exercises in this technique of singing are put together in such a way that you will immediately feel a release of tension from your voice. Also, the exercises have the *built in* function of connecting your voice to your upper registers. With this training it’s very common to discover many notes above your current range that you never knew you had.

As you practice the exercises your voice will balance out automatically. That’s one of the great things about this method. There is no “over thinking” or “over analyzing”.

You don’t need to concentrate your thoughts on how to breathe correctly, or where to “place your tone”.

Instead you practice the exercises (which sound quite strange!) and just observe the effect they have on your voice. You listen and also notice the sensations that the exercises produce, which makes it easy to come back to this point in your voice later. If you would like to learn more about this technique of singing, click here now.

Investigating this method was the very best thing that I ever did for my voice, so I highly recommend you check it out.

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