Techniques For Improving My Singing

Are you thinking, “I need techniques for improving my singing”?

I need a method that will improve my voice beyond recognition. I want to be able to deliver stellar vocal performances on demand.

Is this you?

Well, let’s get into it then!

Important Technique- Develop Your Mixed Voice

Have you heard of the vocal term the mixed voice before? It’s a really important technique to learn. And I feel that it’s most likely the number one thing that all singers should work on developing.

Why is number one?

Well, when you develop a strong mixed voice, good things happen! Firstly, a strong mixed register is the key to hitting high, powerful notes. Also, singing in your mixed voice takes the strain off your voice. It removes vocal tension.

Your mixed voice also sounds wonderful, because what you are doing here is blending your other two vocal registers together. You see, you have your chest voice… this is the register that you hit your lower notes in.

And right up the top of your vocal range you have your head voice. This is the vocal register you hit your highest notes in. Both of these vocal registers have a different sound character. Your chest voice is more powerful and very thick. On the other hand your head voice is much sweeter, but less powerful.

When you develop a strong mixed register, you are basically using all the good bits from these other registers. Your mixed voice has the power of chest voice, with the sweetness of your head voice.

Techniques For Improving My Singing - What’s The Most Important Thing That Happens When You Develop This Part Of Your Voice?

There’s one more reason that developing a strong mixed vocal register is vital. When you are singing in your mixed voice, things are working with your voice. If you are singing incorrectly, you will find it impossible to find your mixed register. So if you can develop it, you know things are working well with your voice!

Techniques for improving my singing. How do you find your mixed register?

Well, to find your mixed register, you need to get into the spaces between chest voice and head voice. A good way to discover where it sits in your voice is to make a nasty “NAY” sound.

When you do this you should feel a vibration along the back of your throat.

If you sing up to your highest note in chest voice and use a nasty sounding “NAY” you should be able to sing into your mixed voice. The reason this works is it kind of “squashes” your chest voice and head voice together.

This exercise actually sounds terrible, and is by no means a finished sound. It is merely a tool to discover your mixed register. From this point on you can begin to strengthen your mixed voice by doing special exercises. A great way to master this part of your voice is to practice the exercises in the Singing Success audio program.

The exercises in this program are all very efficient at allowing you to discover, and develop a strong mixed voice. Pretty soon you will be able to do things with your voice that you never dreamed of!

So practice singing “NAY” “NAY” “NAY” over and over again. See if you can use this sound to find the spaces in between your chest voice and your head voice. Pay attention to the small vibration that you feel on the back of your throat. (this is actually an “extra” resonator that has been created by the nasty sounding “NAY”)

And if you want to become a true master of your mixed voice, be sure to check our the exercises in the Singing Made Simple audio program. These exercises will develop your mixed vocal register faster than any other method.

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