Tension When I Sing


My biggest singing struggle is I always have tension in my neck when I sing. Is there anything that can be done about this?

From The Editor

Hi Michael and thanks so much for your question.

The answer is yes!

You certainly can do something about this neck tension you're experiencing.

This all comes back to your technique, because when you're singing correctly, you will not feel any uncomfortable tension at all.

The other thing is: As this tension you are feeling is an indication your technique is not quite in place, it means you are not experiencing the full potential of your voice.

This is good news!

It means with some practice and a focus on better technique, you'll be able to sound much better than you currently do!

So here's what's happening.

The tension in your neck is an indication that when you sing your sound is falling back in your throat.

When this happens, all sorts of vocal problems will occur.

So what you need to do is focus on directing your sound higher, so it's out of your throat.

A simple way of doing this is putting your hands on your cheeks and focusing on hearing the sound above your cheeks.

Try this and see if you feel some of the tension lift from your voice.

You'll have to practice it for a while before you'll be able to sing at the extremes of your range (High, and low).

But with a continued effort to keep your voice above your hands, you'll hear noticeable improvements in your voice, plus singing will be a lot more comfortable!

Hope this singing lesson helps, and good luck with your singing!

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