The higher I go, the more strained it sounds!

by Kaiti C
(Harrisonburg, VA USA)

I've been singing in choirs at church & school for as long as I can remember, and I've been an alto almost every time. I've got a great richness in my alto-range.

On several occasions, I've sung solos that extend into the soprano range. I've hit the notes, but I don't think they sound as awesome as I'd like to think they do!

I want to be successful, and if I could get a little bit of assistance, I know I could be great!!! :D

Response From Editor

Sounds like you're doing great Kaiti!

Keep it up. Keep practicing and those high notes will begin to happen for you.

The "strained" sound you are talking about usually comes from pushing to hard on the higher notes.

When you do this the best thing to do is back off the sound and sing the note with a smaller sound.

It's key to be able to sing without the swallowing muscles becoming involved in the process.

By backing off the sound you'll be able to make the right vocal coordination without bringing these muscles into play.

Also, don't expect it to come perfectly straight away. You're creating a new coordination in your voice and it takes time to make this permanent.

Good luck!

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Nov 01, 2015
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