Those high notes...

I am a 14 year old boy and sing in choir and I sound good but I struggle with hitting high notes...

What can i do?

From The Editor

Ah yes, the high note issue!

It's one of the most desired skill for a singer, to be able to effortlessly float up and hit that spectacular high note that will send the crowd into a frenzy.

And the good news is this. You can develop this skill.

It's not just a matter of having the talent or gift.

Although it does take a little work.

Hitting high notes without straining or pushing (or hitting it in falsetto) is a sign of solid vocal technique.

Within the voice, more complex coordination's are happening, which cannot be achieved if you have some bad habits in place.

Your vocal chords are actually "thinning out", so less of the chord is vibrating. The best way to think about this is if you want to hit a higher note on a guitar, you have to "fret it" so less of the string is vibrating.

So how can you develop this skill?

Well first of all you must be able to sing without too much interference from your swallowing muscles.

When your swallowing muscles are engaging, it's a sure sign that you're trying to "push" to get the note.

A way you can check this is by singing a high note while placing your thumb under your chin.

If you feel the "tightening" sensation, you're swallowing muscles are getting involved, which is not good!

But never fear, there are many vocal exercises that come to the rescue!

On this website in the video section you'll find many exercises that will help release your singing from the troublesome swallowing muscles, making those high notes come into reach for you.

Another couple of tips...

When you go for the high note, think that you're singing "down" into the note. This will help you from "reaching up" which will automatically engage your swallowing muscles.

Secondly, when you're practicing exercises to get your higher notes, don't sing them too loudly.

Try and do the exercises effectively with less volume.

If you are doing it loudly it means you could very well be pushing your voice to get those high notes.

And you know what pushing the voice does...

That's right... swallowing muscles!

So begin practicing the exercises in the video section of this website and you'll soon find your higher notes easier to reach.

As a side effect, you'll find singing much easier and you're tone will be sweeter too.

Good luck with those spectacular high notes!

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