"What Are The Three Keys To Developing A Stunning Singing Voice?"

Below I have listed what I believe are five of the most important elements needed to develop a stunning voice.

As you read them, begin thinking about how your voice compares to what I'm describing.

And I'll also give you some pointers so you can have a voice that has everyone of these qualities.

1. A large vocal range.

Why? Because it's exciting for the listeners to hear long, powerful high notes. Remember that it's always the climactic high notes that get all the applause!

This is because people naturally think high notes are the hardest to hit.

But it's very possible to make the high notes just as easy as your low notes. You see, hitting high notes is a matter of forming a new vocal chord coordination which will make high notes effortless.

The key here is to develop technique to make the high notes easy for you. This is very possible with the right training.

So work on that vocal range! It's not hard with the right exercises.

2. Having consistent, sweet tone quality throughout your whole range.

This is achieved by becoming familiar with the way your resonance "shifts" as you sing up your vocal range. Your resonance is the way the sound vibrates through your throat, mouth and nasal cavity.

As you sing from your lowest note to your highest note, your resonance will "shift" with more of your sound moving up into your nasal cavity.

The trick to consistency is not making "large shifts" in your resonance when you sing through your bridges (the tricky areas in your voice when you move from your lower registers to your higher registers). Once again this can be achieved fairly easily by using the right exercises that condition your voice to function in this way.

Practice, practice, practice with the right exercises and all the pieces of the singing puzzle will come together and you will find yourself singing with incredible, consistent tone!

3. Understanding how to be flexible with your tone.

What I'm talking about here is this: when you are singing correctly you will find that you can "mix" your different vocal registers in with each other. And when you can do this, you will have access to many different vocal colors. You'll be able to sing quietly with a sweet angelic tone… you'll be able to sing with a more aggressive edge… you'll be able to sing powerfully by mixing more of your "chest" and mouth resonance into the tone…

Pretty much all the great things you've heard your favorite singers do will begin to make sense.

It's sort of like a guitar player having the ability to do really fast, delicate picking AS WELL AS play those thunderous chord progressions.

Vocal diversity is what I'm getting at.

Now a little of what I've said may have sounded a little complicated. Don't worry… all of this stuff is really simple once you know how to do it. While the mechanics of singing may be quite complicated on the inside, it's really not hard to do with the right training.

Take running for instance. This activity involves hundreds of muscles working in perfect combination. And if any of your muscles was out of sync, you'd fall flat on your face. But the thing is…

…Running is not hard! It's a skill and once you've learned that skill, you can do it without too much thought.

Singing is the same. It's a skill, and while many people out there find it a mysterious skill that only talented people can do, I'm telling you they are WRONG!

I used to be a talent less singer who sounded terrible, yet with some solid training and understanding I developed a voice that people compliment me on all the time. I'm still talent less, only now no one would ever guess!

Learning to sing is very much about conditioning your singing muscles exactly as they were designed to. Every last person has a "singers voice" that is capable of great things. It's just that most people haven't learned how to use this voice yet.

Just like if a great running teacher showed you how you could run faster, a great singing teacher can show you exactly how to sing better.

Except unlike running, with singing there are usually LARGE improvements that can be made for the average person. This is because most people have no idea how to use their voices correctly for singing. If someone were to say to them, make this sound with your voice and then do this…

And that exercise was teaching them what it feels like to use your voice correctly…

Pretty soon this person would know a whole lot more about singing!

There is one person who is particularly great at taking normal people and transforming them into world class singers who astound. This man knows the voice better than anyone I know, and it shows as he is on the "quick dial" list of many singing superstars.

It's his instruction that led me and my voice out of terrible vocal difficulties, to vocal freedom. His method virtually guarantees that you will develop a voice with an impressive vocal range, better tone quality than you can imagine, and more flexibility than most singers on the radio.

I find it so easy to wholeheartedly recommend this guy, because he's so good… so effective… that everyone I tell seems to find massive improvements in their voices, even if they thought they'd hit their "vocal ceiling".

I strongly suggest that you check out this website and the vocal training within it. If you are serious about your voice, or even if you want to blow your friends away on karaoke night, check this out.

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