Effective Tips For A Better Singing Voice

Avoid vocal strain with these tips for a better singing voice..

Don't you find it disheartening that singing appears to be so easy for some people, yet when you sing, it turns into a complicated mess!

Watching someone float from note to note, with thick, rich tone. Watching them flutter high in their range with absolute ease...

It's enough to completely destroy any singers confidence!

Well... Don't fret. You can sound like this as well. You can develop a voice that has tone so sweet that you can serve it for desert.

Watch this video to find out how:

You can learn to control your voice with deft skill and precision. Those wonderful singers that are so intimidating may not be so different from you and I...

...I am going to share with you a few tips for a better singing voice. Tips that you can immediately apply to your singing, with great results....

Here is what you will learn if you decide to keep reading...

  • How to take tension off the voice, thereby improving your tone quality and singing range

Here's a little trick that will help take a lot of tension off your voice. Firstly let me say, if you're feeling a lot of tension when you sing, you are doing something wrong. Using incorrect technique...

...With correct technique, singing becomes as easy as talking (but much more fun!).

I struggled for years with bad technique.

It wasn't until I discovered the method of speech level singing that I began to understand exactly how the voice is designed to work.

This method of teaching is by far the most correct, and fastest way of mastering your voice.

There are some muscles underneath your chin. Muscles that will kill the singing process if they are engaged! These are called the diagrastic muscles.....

To feel these muscles for yourself, place your thumb underneath your chin, and press gently on the skin. Now, swallow for me. Make some noise if you like....

.....Can you feel how tight those muscles felt when you swallow? These muscles are bad news for singing, and with incorrect technique, will almost always become tight.

When this happens, they will restrict your singing range, effect the quality of your tone, and most likely, become quite sore!

Here's a video that show's you how to overcome this problem and set your voice free.

So what can you do about this? After all, I did promise tips for a better singing voice! And tips you shall receive...

Your Thumb Useful For Singing?

You can avoid the tightening of these muscles by simply holding your thumb against them when you practice. This works in two different ways.

Firstly, it gives you that extra awareness for when the muscles are becoming tight. When you feel them tighten, you can quite easily adjust to relax them. (It's usually a matter of using a little more air support).

Secondly, by gently pushing down on the muscles, it will actually make it harder for them to tighten. This is because they have to overcome this extra force that you are applying.

So give it a try! I suggest you begin by singing "Mmmm" with a closed mouth on an easy scale. If you feel the muscles tightening, you know you are singing with extra tension.

This is good news! It means that once you allow these muscles to relax, singing will become much more easy and fun!

Once you have mastered singing on "Mmmmm", you can move onto more difficult words. "Mum", "Gee", and "Nay" are good examples.

Mastering this technique can increase the quality of your tone tenfold. It also will make it much easier to explore the higher registers of your voice (mixed voice, head voice).

Tips For A Better Singing Voice - Speech Level Singing

This strategy of relaxing the diagrastic muscles is just one part of the speech level singing process.

This is a method of singing that allows you to sing with absolute ease.....ie: the ease of speaking. By learning the speech level singing process, you will develop a voice that has amazing tone, singing range, and control.

Training this way, you will develop the muscles that are important to the singing process. As these muscles begin to strengthen, your voice will improve at an amazing rate! Soon those singers that always were incredibly intimidating, will not seem so impressive.

Well, I hope these tips for a better singing voice help you do exactly that.......develop a better singing voice!

Enjoy practicing the exercise and if you want to know more, I highly recommend researching the speech level singing technique. It is the technique that literally transformed my voice from very average to quite impressive (my humble opinion!).

About The Author

Roger Burnley - Vocal CoachRoger Burnley - Vocal Coach

Roger Burnley is a vocal coach located in Hollywood, California. He has been teaching the voice for over 30 years and singing for even longer than that. 

Notable past and present clients include Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J, The Beastie Boys, James Torme, Taylor Lautner, Nona Gaye, and many more.

His clients have collectively sold more than 30 million albums, with several reaching Platinum and Gold status. 

Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
and MTV appearing as a vocal expert.

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