Tips For Singers

Watch the video to get some tips for singers that will help you understand exactly how to put singing exercises to work for your voice.

It’s one thing to have the right information. It’s another thing entirely to put that knowledge to work for you.

It’s very possible for you to develop your voice into something amazing that will thrill audiences no matter where your voice is at the moment.

But for this result to be inevitable, you need two things.

1. You need the right singing information and exercises (Good news, you will find much of this on this very website!)

2. You need to understand how to use this information. This involves creating realistic schedules that you can follow, as well as having proper expectations of how fast you will develop.

It’s this second point that this page is concerned with. And it’s absolutely vital if you’re going to end up with a great voice.

So first, watch this video to get the low down.

The Purpose Of Singing Exercises And Techniques

It’s very important to have an understanding of what the singing lessons you’re taking are actually trying to accomplish.

The bottom line is what you’re doing with the exercises are learning how to produce sound with your voice in the best way possible.

When you produce your sound correctly your voice will sound it’s best. You’ll have the most vocal range possible for you and your tone will be sweet and clear.

The Ultimate Goal

The place you want to get to with your singing is where you have complete freedom in your voice. This means you’ll be able to create sound with ease, and you won’t feel any strain or tension throughout your entire range.

And when you reach this point of freedom, you’ll notice that you’ll have incredible control over your voice as a result.

15 Minutes Of Warm Up Before Singing Songs

Now that you know what the goal of the exercises are, how can you apply them for maximum benefit?

Well, the recommended schedule is to practice the exercises for 15 minutes before you begin to practice singing songs.

Often you’ll find that with the right exercises, not only will you warm up your voice nicely in this time… But you’ll actually get more work done as you practice the exercises.

The reason this is true is because good tips for singing and singing exercises will get your voice functioning more correctly. And the more you do this the more you’ll build correct habits into your singing.

Patience Is A Virtue

While results can come very quickly when you begin using the right exercises and tips for singers, it’s also important to be patient.

It can take some time for the new habits to take hold (especially if you’ve been singing with some bad habits for a while).

However with persistence and patience, your voice will definitely begin functioning more correctly after doing your 15 minute exercise routine each time you go to sing some songs.

After a while you’ll notice you’re singing much better and your tone and freedom will have noticeably improved.

Recommended Exercises

So knowing this, which singing exercises should you practice in your 15 minutes before each singing session?

Well, let me get you started with some very effective ones.

The names of the exercises are the “lip roll”, the “tongue trill”, and the “nay nay nay” exercise.

If you watch the video up the top of this page you will see demonstrations of each of these exercises.

Try following along with them and notice the difference in your voice after a few minutes!

As well, if you’d like a great free video series that will show you many powerful singing exercises, click the link below:

Click Here For The Free Series That Contains Many Tips For Singers

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Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
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