5 Tips For Singing Better - Part 3

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By Roger Burnley

Below you'll find the third exercise in this series of tips for singing better.

There are many secrets to exceptional singing in these videos and exercises. Just by applying a few of these tips you will hear big differences in your voice.

As mentioned in the first two exercises, these are the best exercises in my bag of tricks, which covers a 20+ career as a vocal coach.

These techniques have helped platinum winning pop stars, lead singers in bands, broadway vocalists, movie stars, and more.

They will take your voice to the next level too.

So what is exercise 3?

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This Is One Of My Favorite Exercises!

It has so many benefits for your voice, the main one being it removes your swallowing muscles from the singing process.

It's also a really great exercise if you need a really fast warmup before a performance.

As well, it helps a lot with your tone quality and vocal health, because it trains you to make a really clean and correct sound.

It Gets You Producing Sound With Much More Freedom And Ease

So here's how the exercise is done.

First, place your thumbs under your jaw like so.

This helps you feel when your swallowing muscles are coming down. This helps you to let go and relax these muscles.

Then begin humming on the scale. Download the mp3 files just below the video so you can sing along.

You may need to exaggerate the sound to make sure it stays above your cheeks, and doesn't fall back into your throat.

Look at this picture to see where you should be focusing the sound.

Here's What To Do If Your Sound Fall Apart

If at any stage your sound falls apart, and gets all airy (breaks into falsetto) what you need to do is go back and sing it again using less sound.

Doing it with less volume and less air will make it easier for your vocal chords to stay together, keeping that clean sound.

By practicing over and over again, you'll train your voice to hold the vocal chords together correctly, and then you'll begin to be able to do it at a higher volume.

Incredible Freedom!

You'll find after doing this exercise for a few minutes, your voice will feel like it has much more freedom.

You'll also feel more control over your voice. 

As an added bonus, your speaking voice might even feel better too!

Vocal Freedom = Control

It's a little counter intuitive, but the more freedom you can give your voice, the more in control of it you will be.

Most people try and control their voice to the point where they get too rigid, and muscles that should not be working get in the way.

Instead if you can unblock your voice so you have complete freedom, you'll have all the control you could ever want.

5-10 Minutes A Day Makes A Big Difference

Just a few minutes of practicing this exercise (and the others in this series) will give you huge improvements over time.

So download the mp3's, watch the video above and start to hear the great differences they make in your singing!

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