Tips For Singing... 
Put Your Voice In A "Success State"

You are about to discover some powerful tips for singing that will allow you to develop your voice faster than you think is possible!

The first step, while not directly to do with singing technique, is something that you simply must know if you are to improve your voice.

It is so crucial in fact, that if you aren’t aware of this, you will never improve your singing (at least to the standard that you want).

This powerful tip for singing is this: You must improve your voice from a “success state”.

This means that you need to practice exercises and vocal technique that put your voice in a “success state” or a state of “correct vocal technique”. If you aren’t doing this, your voice will never improve, because the only thing your practice is doing is reinforcing your bad technique.

How Do You Know If Your Voice Is In A “Success State”?

Firstly, if your voice is sounding great, it’s likely you are singing fairly successfully or “correctly”.

But there are other things you need to pay attention to as well. For instance, if you are feeling any kind of vocal strain or tension, then you are not in a “success state”.

Good vocal exercises and proper vocal technique allows you to sing with no tension whatsoever. So if you feel yourself “reaching” for notes, you are forcing your voice and not progressing.

Tips for singing successfully...

Singing successfully comes from balancing your voice and using your “inner larynx muscles” to coordinate your vocal chords, while keeping your “outer larynx muscles” (swallowing muscles) relaxed. If you can do this, your vocal chords will stay closed through your range, every note in your range will seem easy, and things are good!

Great tips for singing is to look at your voice and decide whether you are singing from a "success state" or whether you are simply "spinning your wheels" by practicing and reinforcing your bad vocal technique.

If you practicing exercises that feel uncomfortable and aren’t causing any noticeable improvement in your voice, than you’re not singing from a success state.

When you develop your voice from a correct foundation, you will improve very quickly. You will experience things like an increase in vocal range, better tone quality, greater ease of tone production. And these things will occur frequently. If these things aren’t happening to your voice regularly, than you need learn how to put your voice into a “success state” so you can develop it from a point of success.

When you do this, success builds on success pretty quickly, and before long you will be impressing your friends and yourself!

Fortunately it isn’t hard to bring your voice into a “successful state”. There are certain exercises that almost magically cause this transformation to happen. When you practice these exercises, things like your breathing, resonance, and vocal chord coordination’s are automatically balanced and your voice falls into place.

Many of these exercises are included in this free video series on singing.

The success rate of this program is very high, because it introduces singers to the way their voice is supposed to function. It puts your voice into a “success state” and then works at developing from this correct foundation.

It only takes a few months of practicing these highly effective exercises and tips for singing to drop all your bad habits and replace them with a correctly functioning (and amazing sounding) voice. You can learn more about these exercises and tips for singing by clicking here.

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