Tips For Singing... Learn How To
"Release Your Voice"

How about some great tips for singing hey?!

In a few moments I will tell you exactly how to develop a professional sounding voice, with plenty of vocal range, and sweet tone. Also, this new technique will make singing as easy as talking.

But first I want to discuss exactly why it's so important to practice good vocal exercises.

You see,the mechanics of singing correctly are actually pretty easy to learn. You just need the right exercises to build correct "muscle coordination".

The problem is: there are some bizarre singing techniques out there that don't produce good results. You actually have to be fairly critical when you decide which exercises to practice.

You need to ask yourself when you practice… does this feel like it’s improving my voice? And… is this causing strain to my voice?

If you are feeling vocal strain while practicing, you should back off and at least reduce the volume.

Women being taught how to sing

Vocal strain occurs when your “outer larynx” muscles are engaged. These muscles are actually intended for swallowing food. When you engage them in the singing process, it’s a sign of bad vocal technique.

So, you shouldn’t practice any exercises that cause you vocal strain.

One thing I’ve realized about good vocal exercises, is they really free up the voice, AND reduce the effort that you need to produce a note.

If you’re doing an exercise and you can feel your voice getting easier and easier to use, this is a good vocal exercise.

What this means, is the exercise is very effective at coordinating your vocal cords. Vocal cord coordination is a very important part of singing. So how can you learn how to coordinate your vocal cords correctly?

The answer is: by using vocal exercises that condition the “inner muscles of the larynx” to automatically coordinate correctly.

The “inner larynx muscles” are located inside your voice box, and are the key to singing well. They are actually tiny muscles, and require very specific exercises to “teach” them muscle coordination.

The problem is: most of the vocal exercises out there just blast the vocal cords with too much air, so they can never learn to coordinate properly!

Instead….you must train these “inner” muscles, so they become stronger and more efficient… Then they will be able to hold back larger amounts of air (which will produce louder notes).

Singing is actually as easy as “teaching” your voice how to operate correctly. This “teaching” must firstly train the “inner larynx muscles” to form correct muscle coordination’s, and ALSO allow the “outer larynx muscles” to relax and not interfere in the singing process.

When you can do this (and in a moment I’ll tell you how), your voice will be incredible. When you can relax the “outer larynx” muscles, you will have no problem accessing your chest, mixed and head voices which will give you a large vocal range.

Also, the more coordinated your “inner larynx muscles” become, the better and faster you will be able to change from note to note.

These tips for singing should give you a little idea of the theory behind learning to sound great, but how do you actually go about improving your voice in this way?

As always, there is only one way to learn to sing. Singing exercises of course!

But as you now know, the singing exercises must get the correct response in your voice to improve your voice. Any other exercises will only cause you to practice bad technique.

So where can you find exercises that will “teach” your voice how to sing correctly?

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