Tips On How To Perform Onstage Singing

Enjoy these tips on how to perform onstage singing. Use them to take your performance to soaring heights. Learn to lead your audience into a trance where they hang on your every move.

Do you want to deliver a vocal performance that will stun?

One that will leave your audience still feeling the mood of your performance hours even days after the performance is over?

The best vocal performances take the audience on a journey. They move the audience with emotion and take them to a place far away from their normal day-to-day lives.

There are some secrets to “onstage singing” that can unlock the full potential of your performance, and leave the audience screaming for more.

Here are a few tips on how to perform onstage singing.

1. As I mentioned, the best performances “transport” the audience to another world. The performance takes the listeners out of their current state and moves them through the journey that you take them on.

Here’s the question that you need to ask yourself...

How can I take my audience on a journey? How can I move them outside of their “everyday state of mind” and give them an experience to cherish?

I wish I could say to you, “Just do this and this, in this order and you will move your audience”. But unfortunately there is no magical formula.

I recommend you write down as many ideas as to how you can turn your performance into “an experience” for the audience. Get creative here. If you spend 10 minutes a day writing down ideas, by the end of the week you will get a pretty good list.

Also, when you get a quite moment, imagine yourself giving a stellar performance. Imagine the audience reacting to you and your performance. Picture it in your mind as you sing and look out to the amazed faces in the crowd.

As you are doing this, notice what you are doing. Why is this performance so great? What can you take from this “imagined” performance and use to beef up your “real” performance?

This type of visualizing is a secret of millions of highly successful people. Sports stars, businessman, artists and many others use visualizing to create the path they want to follow.

I highly recommend you give it a shot. It's one of the most powerful tips on how to perform onstage singing that I know of. And it's great fun!

Here are some more hints to get your creative juices going.

  • Tell the audience a story about what the song is about. People respond and are interested in stories. To break it down even further, people are interested in people. Tell them what your song is about and they will be in the right state of mind to hear your message as you sing it.
  • Put emotion into your singing. A good way to do this (which actually takes tension off your voice) is to add a “cry like tone” to your voice. It’s almost like singing and crying at the same time. Experiment with this and learn how to add just enough cry to your tone.This will allow the audience to feel the emotion behind the song. By now we are sucking the audience in and beginning to take them on a journey they will not forget… so let’s continue!
  • Perfect your technique. If you perfect your technique you will be singing with your “best sounding” voice. The voice is designed to function in a very specific way when you sing, and if you are doing anything otherwise, you are missing out on extra vocal range, better tone, ease of tone and consistency.

If you perfect your instrument (your voice) you will be much closer to moving an audience to great applause.

You can learn exactly how to perfect your vocal technique by clicking here.

Well, these tips on how to perform onstage singing should set you on the way to a stunning performance that nobody will forget.

Before I finish though, there is another article that gives some wonderful tips on how to perform onstage singing that you need to devour.

This one is written by one of the most respected vocal teachers in the world. He has taught thousands of high class performers his how to master their voices and performances. So pay close attention! You will get some valuable insights into what makes a superstar performer.

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Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
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