Tips on how to sing.

by Juliana Tracy Teoh Su Ling

Well,I didn't like singing from 4 to 8 yrs old but something change me to serve in my church choir.It's a miracle because I thought that I can't sing.Well,I was very wrong. Right now,I'm 13. I believe that everyone can sing.

Here's some tips

1)Sitting posture:
Your body straight,chess forward,relax shoulders,head slightly up and feet open about your shoulders length and touching the floor.

2)Standing posture:
Body straight(SLIGHTLY LEAN BACKWARDS FOR GOOD AIR FLOW),chess up,head slightly up,feet open about your shoulder length and right knee slightly bend(you don't have to do that if you don't want)

3. Practice breathing air through your mouth (doggy breath) not nose because it will not fasten the air flow into your stomach. Do not stress while breathing this way. Practice until you get use to it.

4. While singing,always open your mouth big the size of your 5 fingers.

5. Oral and good pronouncing of words is a must. Pronounce words clearly.

6. Do not stress your throat and stomach. Sing at the level of your speech level. Never shout or sing only to yourself.

7. Try to sing with your stomach naturally.Used air to gently push your upper stomach. Feel ease and comfortable.Singing with your stomach helps to empower your voice.

8. Sing at your own speech level. Through that you can switch your tone to high and low and also one or two chords higher than soprano(your normal singing). These chords are called as (seconds and thirds). If you still don't know how to sing that high,please don't because it will spoil your voice. Keep on practicing the first few tips until you get used to them then you can sing these chords.

9. Try listening to a few singers like Don Moen and Darline Zschech and hear how they sing. They have already unleashed powerful voices and they sing with ease and great feelings.

10. Sing with great confidence and feelings. Express your feelings in songs that you sing. In that way,you will forget about the audiences,stress of your voice. You will also be liking singing and the songs that you're singing. In fact you will enjoy it and even sway to the songs.

11. For starting singers,I advice you not to give up easily on singing because I believe that you can sing if you want to. Well,many believe that singers are born with natural voices. Some yes and some no. Work hard in training to become a pro singer everyday.

Good luck!

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