Transform Your Voice With These
Killer Tips On Singing

Welcome to my top three tips on singing!

I hope these tips can help you to achieve the voice you have always dreamed of. I have used these little tricks thousands of times over the years, with great success. Let's get in to it!

Tip 1

The first tip in my top tips on singing is very important.

You must never prematurely judge your voice. This means, no matter how bad you think you sound, you must never believe that you're not capable of a great voice.

As an example, I used to have an awful sounding voice. I'm sure that everyone who lived with me at the time, had dreadful nightmares about my voice! You must persist and believe that you have a great voice. You know why? You do have a great voice. Everybody does. Everybody has the tools to develop a great singing voice It's just a matter of learning how to use them.

A great singing voice is not a freak occurrence. It is developed by learning how to engage the correct muscles for singing, in the correct order. By doing this, you will develop a voice with great range, and vocal tone to die for.

This is exactly what I did, and I completely transformed my voice. So follow this advice.....

......Never prematurely judge your voice!

Tip No. 2

The second tip in my top tips on singing, is, learn how to access your full range. A big vocal range is exciting to listen to, gives you more freedom to express yourself, and sounds very impressive!

Vocal range is developed through learning the technique of shortening your vocal chords as you sing higher into your range. This leaves less of the chords to vibrate, and makes it easier for them to vibrate at a higher frequency (higher note).

The other benefit of learning to sing in all areas of your range, is your technique will continue to improve. This is because singing in a higher range with no vocal strain, requires better technique than singing in your lower, easier range.

By throwing yourself in the deep end, and singing low, medium and high notes, your vocal chords will become more and more efficient. They will become used to different areas of your voice, developing muscle memory that will help singing become easier and easier.

Tip 3

The third tip in my top three tips on singing, is to avoid techniques that cause you vocal strain and tension.

Vocal tension is very bad for vocal tone, vocal range, and your physical well being! It's uncomfortable and can cause many a bad throat! (or worse, vocal nodules).

If you are practicing a song or exercise and are feeling considerable tension, then stop. Have a short break.....Maybe do an easy exercise that helps ease the tension. Try the song again, singing it with the least amount of strain possible.

If you're still feeling the tension, abandon the exercise completely. Most vocal strain occurs because you're singing technique is causing your swallowing muscles to interfere. These muscles should be relaxed while singing, which will improve your range and tone drastically.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on singing, they have helped me a great deal, and I hope they help you too.

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