Tips To Improve Your Singing

There are a few tips to improve your singing that make a huge difference when you put them into action.

One in particular has the power to give your voice a big “release”, immediately improving your tone quality, vocal range, and taking loads of strain off your voice.

What Is This Tip?

The tip is to learn how to remove your swallowing muscles from the singing process.

These muscles are the single biggest thing that will interfere in your singing. And they are responsible for giving you sore throats, and severely limiting your voice.

The great news is that when you remove them from your method, you’ll sound many times better, and singing will become much more fun!

So How Do You Remove These Muscles From Your Singing Method?

Watch this video to learn a very simple singing technique that will help you eliminate any interference from these muscles.

What Happens When You Begin Singing Without Interference From Your Swallowing Muscles?

Quite simply, vocal freedom!

I struggled for many years with my voice because every time I opened my voice, the swallowing muscles would come down.

When I discovered this technique (in the video) of using my thumb to work out when the muscles were coming into play, everything changed.

If you practice the humming exercise described in the video, you’ll become very aware of when you are using your swallowing muscles and when you are not.

Gradually, you’ll develop the skills to singing without the use of these muscles.

And when this happens, singing jewels await!

Things like, you’ll find much more vocal range and you’ll be able to hit your high notes with hardly any effort at all.

…Your tone quality will become consisted and sweet throughout your entire range…

… You’ll be able to sing in key much easier.

… And your voice will feel free and light (never will you have a sore throat the day after singing again!)

The Key To Great Singing

When you want tips to improve your singing, nothing comes close to being able to release your voice from your swallowing muscles.

It was literally the turning point of my singing career, and can have a dramatic effect on your voice too.

To get many highly effective techniques for eliminating the swallowing muscles from the singing process, as well as other powerful tips to improve your singing, this free video series is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts?

Now you realize how important this tip to improve singing is, how hard is it to make the change? Well, it’s not difficult but it requires some persistence.

If you’ve been in the habit of engaging your swallowing muscles for a long time, it may take a little time to reprogram your body to operate in this new way.

A new habit usually takes around 30 days to incorporate… so if you practice the exercises in this free video series for the next month, you’ll be able to change the way you produce sound permanently.

Click here for the video series

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