Be Entertained And Learn Some Incredible "Tricks" From These Video Singing Lessons

Here’s some very interesting video singing lessons.(Below)

In these lessons you will learn some very effective exercises that you can use yourself to greatly improve your voice.

This first lesson shows Brett Manning demonstrate some techniques to discover your “whistle voice”. Pay close attention because in this video are many “hints” that you can use to discover your whistle voice too.

I know. I know. It’s not likely you’re going to use “whistle voice” in all the songs you sing. But there is a hidden advantage to discovering your “whistle voice.

The advantage I’m talking about is this: To sing in a “whistle voice” you absolutely have to sing with good technique. It’s pretty much impossible to find this rare vocal coordination other wise. So if you can find it, you know that your voice is functioning correctly…

Pay particular attention to the exercise that Brett demonstrates called the "lip roll". This is the exercise that increased my vocal range by over an octave! It's an incredible exercise.

Be entertained and learn some very effective tricks from video

Anyway… watch and enjoy this fun tutorial. And check below for another great video that has more clues to developing a stunning singing voice.

And now, video number two…

This lesson features artist Wes Hampton talking about Brett Manning and his methods. Pay close attention, because Wes actually demonstrates some vocal exercises that are incredibly effective at dramatically increasing vocal range and tone quality. Enjoy the video

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