Effective Vocal Exercises To
Increase Singing Range

The most effective vocal exercises to increase singing range are speech level singing exercises.

Speech level singing is a vocal technique that allows singers to discover the "connection" to their upper vocal registers.

The upper vocal registers are the:

  • mixed voice
  • head voice

The mixed voice is a commercial sounding voice that sounds like your singing in your lower range, but on higher notes. It's great news to most singers who don't know how to hit higher notes with power... but with vocal ease as well.

When you are singing in your mixed voice, you are actually singing with a new muscle coordination. This coordination is called a zipped up vocal cord.

You see, your vocal cords have the ability to form this coordination by physically closing off a section of the cords. This "zipped up" coordination makes it much easier to hit higher notes, because a lot of vocal weight has been dropped.

To learn this "zipped up" vocal coordination, you need very specific exercises. These vocal exercises to increase vocal range, need to automatically "zip up" the vocal cords, moving you into this mixed register.

That is exactly what speech level singing exercises are designed to do.

Speech level singing exercises are really a bunch of strange little noises that are quite easy to do. But they are so effective, because they cause your voice to function perfectly for singing.

That's why singers that practice these exercises learn how to increase their range, in many cases by over an octave.

There is an excellent set of these vocal exercises to increase singing range available online, that you can access immediately.

The vocal instructor in the program is highly regarded as a instructor that produces wonderful commercial singers on a regular basis. He is very good at communicating the ideas behind these simple but powerful exercises, so you can get the most out of your voice.

This singing program is highly recommended. They are the most effective vocal exercises to increase singing range, available anywhere. Click here to check it out.

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