Vocal Exercises To Strengthen Your Voice

In this video you will learn some vocal exercises to strengthen your voice.

Many singers make mistakes when they are trying to get more power in their singing. And when this happens they can end up with a very sore throat. Sometimes to the point where they are unable to sing for a long time while their voice heals.

But if you know how to sing with power and strength the right way, projecting with those huge, loud notes is fun and takes little more effort than singing normally.

Watch below and you'll learn the biggest mistake you can make when trying to strengthen your voice. As well as a very effective exercise that will give you power and strength the right way.

Key Number #1

The first thing that you must do is have the internal thought process that you're closing your vocal chords when you're singing louder notes.

If you sing with your chords partially open and push too much air through, it can cause problems.

In the video above you'll see and exercise that demonstrates this "closing" and "opening" of the vocal chords. And also how it can help you get effortless power as you sing.

I realise it sounds a little strange and difficult to understand when you're reading this concept off a page, but as you watch the exercise you'll get a much greater understanding of how it works. Once it clicks, you'll have no problems using it in your own singing.

Key Number #2

The next key concept is to "pull your sound down" instead of "pushing up" into the note.

When you're thinking that you're singing down into the note, it's magically keeps your voice in shape and will stop you reaching for notes.

It's when you're "reaching upwards" for the note you can tend to cut off your air and allow everything to fall out of place.

So as you sing the note, "think" as if you're pulling it down towards you. You'll notice that everything is much better balanced this way. And get get more power you'll be able to simply lean into the note a little more to get much more volume.

Once again, this technique is much better to take in by watching it in action, which is why it's best to watch the video above at least once before attempting this exercise.

Vocal Exercises To Strengthen Your Voice

When you "get" both of these concepts you'll find singing much easier and you will find you have much more power at your disposal.

It's important to build this up gradually and note try to get more sound than feels comfortable.

In fact, if anything doesn't feel comfortable it's very likely that something is out of place in your technique.

It's not like running, where pushing yourself into pain can be good for development. This is more about balance, which is why the exercises I've just described are so crucial.

Now, in reality getting strength and power is not the first step of learning to sing. There are a few steps that come before this, and you can learn them all in our premium video series that gives you many exercises to help you master your voice.

Go through this series and you'll have a much better sounding voice, with much more range, tone, and flexibility. To sign up for the free series, click here and get started within minutes.

And to keep adding power to your singing, be sure to practice these vocal exercises to strengthen your voice.

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