Vocal Exercises To Warm Up Your Voice

It's very important as a singer to have vocal exercises to warm up your voice before you start singing. 

If you try to sing with too much force before you've warmed up your voice, it can be very easy to push your voice to the point of getting sore. 

So watch this video below and I will show you a very easy, effective exercise for warming up your voice. 

As I mention in the video, it can take a little while for your voice to start working smoothly! 

It's kind of like getting up in the morning. It takes a little while to get everything moving. 

The exercise I like to use with my clients to warm up the voice is a simple "AHHHH" sound on an easy scale. 

This is a perfect way to start warming up those muscles that are involved in the singing process. 

Exaggerate The Sound

When you watch me demonstrate the exercise in the video you'll notice that I'm exaggerating the "Ahhhh" sound, giving it an almost nasal quality. 

I'm doing this by making a funny face that looks like this: 

The reason it's a good idea to do this is it keeps your sound out of your throat, so your swallowing muscles don't get in the way of your voice. 

Another way you can do this is to visualise that your sound is being projected into the middle of your forehead. 

These little tricks are very useful because they keep your sound positioned in your "mask", which is going to give you your purest tone. 

So practise this exercise next time you need to warm up your voice for singing! 

It's easy and fun. And it gets those muscles warmed up, so your voice will begin to function smoothly and sound it's best. 

All you need is to do this vocal warm up exercise for a few minutes and then you'll be ready to sing!

About The Author

Roger Burnley - Vocal CoachRoger Burnley - Vocal Coach

Roger Burnley is a vocal coach located in Hollywood, California. He has been teaching the voice for over 30 years and singing for even longer than that. 

Notable past and present clients include Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J, The Beastie Boys, James Torme, Taylor Lautner, Nona Gaye, and many more.

His clients have collectively sold more than 30 million albums, with several reaching Platinum and Gold status. 

Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
and MTV appearing as a vocal expert.

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