Vocal Lessons To Dramatically
Improve Your Voice

There ARE vocal lessons that exist that can give you the voice you have always wanted.

There are so many methods, so many different techniques, so many strategies for teaching singing.

You know what I think? Singing should be easy.

Have you heard of any of the techniques going around? There is this 'open throat' technique. Diaphragmatic support. Put your tone in your mask. All of these complicated instructions, some very hard to understand, and not effective at all.

I don't think vocal lessons should be like this.

I know for a FACT, there are easy singing lessons. Where you can make very simple noises, that produce amazing results. It's the 80/20 approach to singing. You put in very little time, but it is focussed time. The exercises hone right in on the most effective muscles for singing. They develop ONLY these muscles, and forget the rest. Since it is these muscles that make a singer sound great, this method is very effective.

You see, to sing well you need to balance the air that is sent to your vocal chords. Then you need to hold your vocal chords together, to stay connected through your entire range.

If you do this, you will sing in a connected voice. it will sound like your voice is one instrument. Not two or three.

But to do this, you need vocal lessons that train the inner muscles of your larynx, the ones that hold the vocal chords closed. Training these, and ONLY these muscles will give you the voice you have always wanted.

In other methods, all the concentration on standing right, opening your throat, giving your tone support. These are all unnecessary distractions. They make the process more complicated than it really is.

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