Vocal Lessons Basics

When beginning to sing there are some vocal lessons basics that will really help you get off to a good start.

Let me start off with my best tip for starting out as a singer.

There are a couple of vocal warmup exercises that can really accelerate your development as singer.

What they do is actually train your voice to function in a correct way for singing.

You see, the difference between a great sounding singer and a complete beginner has nothing to do with talent.

It's all about vocal technique. If someone has great technique, they will sound terrific.

And anybody can learn great technique. This has been proven time and time again.

So back to the exercises, the first one is called the "lip roll".

To perform the lip roll you need to place your hands on each of your cheeks and blow out so your lips make a funny "horse" sound.

From here you can begin humming through your lips while maintaining this vibration.

As silly as it sounds, this exercise is absolute genius because it automatically causes your voice to sing with good technique. Many students are able to sing much, much better after 5 minutes with this exercise.

To watch a video of the lip roll, click here.

The second exercise is singing with a nasal sounding "NAY". If you do this on a song you know (substituting the words for the word "NAY") and focus on keeping your sound high up in your head, you'll experience fast improvements.

Once again, it's better to watch this in video form to get the idea. So here's a video of this exercise.

Between these two exercises you can develop a great sounding voice in a surprisingly short space of time.

The key is to be disciplined, and practice these exercises each day.

Give it a try and see if you even recognize your voice in a few weeks time!

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