Which Vocal Music Teacher Can Lead You To The "Perfect Voice" In Just A Few Months?

Learn how to combine a famous vocal music teacher's powerful singing method with a few new tricks... and fast-track the development of your voice.

Is it possible to perfect your singing in a matter of a few short months?

And by saying “perfect”, I mean that you are now as good as or better than any singer you hear on the radio.

You can hit the high notes with absolute ease.

Your tone is slick and professional sounding.

Difficult songs to sing are like a walk in the park to you.

Can this type of miraculous transformation be made in a few short months?

From what I’ve seen and my own experience, although very rare, it is possible.

Although the vocal music teacher that you learn from is absolutely vital if you want to make these kinds of staggering improvements.

Vocal music teacher's powerful singing method with a few new tricks

To make a transformation in your voice that is so earth shattering, here’s what you need to do…

You must reprogram your voice completely, so it now functions perfectly for singing. That’s the thing about 99% of all the singers out there. They all have the same equipment as that great singers, but they don’t know how to use it as effectively.

To transform your voice, you must learn how to operate your “singing equipment” in a correct way for singing.

Once again, this is why it’s vital that your vocal music teacher knows exactly how to create this change in you.

Let me tell you the two things that allowed me to make my transformation.

Firstly, I used the exercises in the free video series available on this page. These exercises were arranged very specifically by expert vocal music teacher, Roger Burnley. It took me a long time to discover his method, but the search was worth it.

The exercises in his method improved my voice more in one week, than 4 years of instruction from other teachers.

The exercises in this program all perform very specific functions. And they are very effective in balancing out your voice so it begins to function correctly for singing. Just 15 minutes a day for a week of these powerful exercises and your voice will improve out of sight.

What was the second thing that enabled my voice to make this magical transformation?

One magical word.


This method will transform you into your own highly effective vocal music teacher...

Let me explain.

You see, when you do most things, you have a way of getting feedback on whether you did a good job or not.

If you bake a cake, you get to taste the cake and see if it’s good or not. Or if you play a game of sports, your coach and teammates tell you if you played well or not.

But when you’re learning to sing, it’s different. You don’t get the appropriate feedback. You can hear yourself when you sing, but it sounds different to you. This is because your ears are picking up vibrations from the sound inside your head as well as outside your head.

The mixture of these two sound sources doesn’t give you accurate feedback. And because of this it’s difficult to judge if your voice is sounding “correct” or “incorrect”.

This is the very reason that I thought long and hard about getting accurate feedback, with also “correct criteria” to compare this feedback to.

After a few days of deep thought, I came up with an answer.

The answer lies in recording your voice. When you record your voice, you are hearing what your singing sounds like from outside your head. Once you have recorded your voice, you can compare it too a recording of a correct singing voice and note whether you are singing correctly or not.

But we can go even deeper…

The ultimate is recording your voice and listening back to it at the same time.

In other words, instantaneous feedback.

I had astonishing results with this technique and it’s one of the reasons my voice improved so quickly. I could hear exactly what my voice sounded like outside my head as I was singing!

Here’s another hint. When you are getting your immediate feedback (which you get through headphones), turn the volume up high. This is crucial because you need to hear more sound from the headphones than your actual voice.

Would you like to use this same setup as well? I highly recommend it. I believe it’s probably the fastest way to improve your voice.

I wrote an article dedicated to setting this up so if you are willing to give it a shot, click here. This article describes how you can use this technique in tandem with the Singing Made Simple audio program. Between the two, we have one potent “learn to sing fast” combination! In a way, it’s you that becomes your own vocal music teacher, because you are the one analyzing and adjusting your voice.

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