Discover Vocal Techniques
To Expand The Voice

On this page you will learn where to find vocal techniques to expand the voice. If you want to increase your vocal range, read on...

Soaring high notes.

How do you hit them in your “full” voice? How do you hit them easily, and with power?

It can seem impossible to find your high notes if you don’t know how.

Trying to discover that “hidden” pathway that takes you into your upper vocal register can be discouraging and frustrating.

For years all I wanted was to be able to hit soaring high notes that brought the audience to it’s feet. I would try and sing up there but would end up either “breaking” (into falsetto) or “yelling” (which sounded harsh and felt awful).

Is there a way to hit high notes if you can’t already? Are there vocal techniques to expand the voice that will give you access to your upper registers?

Or is it only the highly talented singers that get the pleasure of floating up and hitting these sweet notes?

You’ll be happy to hear that the truth is:
There are vocal techniques to expand the voice

To learn to hit your higher notes, you need to discover a connection between your lower vocal register, and your higher vocal registers.

The vocal registers that you hit your high notes have technical names. They are your mixed voice and your head voice.

Your mixed voice sounds more like your lower voice (chest voice), except it the tone quality is slightly sweeter. If you develop a strong mixed voice, you will be able to hit your high notes with great power and tone.

Your head voice is a more “classical” sounding vocal register. If you’ve ever seen an opera, you would have noticed that their voices sound quite different to what you hear on commercial radio.

Opera singers use more head resonance or “head voice” than other styles of music.

There are a bunch of effective vocal techniques to expand the voice in this free  audio program. When I began practicing the exercises in this program, my voice immediately “learned” how to sing over an octave higher than before.

The exercises in this program are very good at “forming a bridge” between your lower vocal registers and your higher vocal registers. When you practice these exercises you will be able to effortlessly float up into your upper vocal registers.

In fact, you will likely not even realize when you are passing through your different vocal registers…

You see, in a great voice, the bridges between the different vocal registers are so strong that they don’t appear to be there. Instead the singer sings through their vocal registers without even realizing they are doing so!

To learn more about these vocal techniques to expand the voice, click here.

If you were to practice the exercises in this program for 10 minutes a day, within a month you will be singing an octave higher than what you can sing now. That is the power of this method. Just imagine what it will feel like to easily hit amazing high notes in front of your friends and audiences! Enjoy.

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