Vocal Tonality Training To Give You
Rich Effortless Tone

Read below to discover vocal tonality training that will give you "golden" tone that sends shivers down your back!

Would you like to sing with rich, professional tone quality?

There are simple exercises that you can practice that will give you that sweet, pure tone quality that you hear from the “pros” on the radio…

First of all, let’s take a look at why and how excellent tone quality occurs.

One of the main factors in an outstanding singing voice, is the way the singer uses their vocal resonance.

You see, when you sing… the initial sound wave that is produced by your vocal chords moves through the spaces above your vocal chords.

These spaces are like acoustic cavities. And as the sound moves through these spaces, it changes character and becomes amplified.

There are three specific acoustic cavities that your sound passes through. And your voice tonality depends on how the sound moves through these spaces. The cavities that have the most impact on the way your sound emerges are:

1. Your throat cavity

2. Your mouth cavity

3. Your nasal cavity

Each of these spaces have a different sound character. And to produce the “perfect tonality” you need to “mix” these three cavities so it’s perfectly balanced.

So what’s the perfect balance?

And how can you mix your voice so your tonality is excellent?

Some great questions!

Let’s discuss the first question… what’s the perfect balance of resonance?

Well, the answer is that the perfect balance changes from note to note. With your lower notes, the perfect balance requires more throat and mouth resonance. However as you move into your higher notes, you need more mouth and nasal cavity resonance.

It’s sort of like a vocal elevator. For each new note you need to find that perfect mix that will sound incredible and feel effortless. For your higher notes, you are focusing your tone “higher” into your head… and for your lower notes, your sound vibrates a lot lower in your facial structure.

Here’s the secret though…

You can’t try to “deliberately” balance your resonance. It does help to understand the way your sound vibrates, but to find that “perfect” balance for each note, there is a much better way…

And that better way is to practice exercises that automatically balance your resonance for you.

Yes, there is vocal tonality training that will automatically program your voice to produce a “perfect” mix for each voice. And the more you practice these exercises, the richer and deeper your tone will get.

Your job is to simply practice the exercises and notice how your sound is vibrating in each area of your vocal range. By noticing these sensations you will become aware of how to release your tone “perfectly” and become one of those “golden voices” that sound magnificent in all areas of their voice.

To get the best available vocal tonality training, go to this page. Read through the information, and watch the videos that are mid way down the screen. As you watch, listen to the singers and the way their tone is balanced and pure.

There are also some free exercises that you will discover in these videos, so pay close attention…

With the vocal tonality training from the website you will discover a method of singing that is easy, and sounds excellent. I personally improved my vocal tonality with this training more than I would have thought possible for myself.

The thing is: when you get your voice functioning correctly, everything becomes much easier. When you get to this stage you realize this singing is just a skill that can be learned… and it’s not out of reach of anyone who will put in the effort to learn the skill.

Go here to investigate the most effective vocal tonality training available.

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