Vocal Training DVD Created By
World Class Vocal Instructor

Would you like to view a vocal training DVD created by one of the worlds finest vocal instructors?

Imagine being able to witness from your home, exactly how this “singing teacher of the stars” puts singers through their paces. And seeing first hand how quickly the voice can be transformed with the right “know how”.

What would it mean for your voice if you learned…

  • How to increase your vocal range by large amounts.
  • How to sing easily, with no tension.
  • Secret exercises that automatically balance your voice

This is just a fraction of the information on the vocal training DVD that I’m talking about.

And what’s more, the attendees that were at this live event paid hundreds to learn about the golden information that’s contained in this vocal training DVD.

The DVD I’m talking about is called “Brett Manning Live”. It is footage taken from a live workshop that Brett did a few years ago.

The DVD is described on the website (I’ll show you where in a moment) as a great way to “sample” Brett’s amazing vocal method.

Vocal instructor

Attendees of the event made comments such as:

“Brett’s workshop was more professional and more informative than any other place I’ve ever been”.


If you want an even more comprehensive set of Brett’s singing instructions, be sure to check out the Singing Success program that is located on his website. The Singing Success program goes into Brett’s method in detail. This method can take even a beginner singer and transform them into a slick singing pro.

Back to the vocal training DVD though.

If you want to investigate this DVD for yourself, go to Brett’s website and click on the link up the top that says “products”.

Once you click on this you will see the wide range of excellent products that Brett has developed. It is literally a gold mine for singing instruction. With these products alone I’ve managed to develop a singing voice that I didn’t think was even possible for me.

From this “products page” you need to scroll down to see Brett’s live DVD. It’s highly recommended. There is information in this DVD that I’ve never heard anywhere else (besides Brett’s more comprehensive Singing Success program).

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