"Try These Vocal Training Tips And See How Your Voice Improves"

Test these secret vocal training tips for yourself. Enjoy the large improvements that you will make...

Singing can be easy.

Singing can be effortless.

It’s possible to hit any note in your range with no strain at all. Even extremely high notes. It’s possible to sing with sweet tone quality and classy vibrato, even if you’re not particularly talented.

It’s possible to sound as good as your favorite singers on the radio, no matter how bad you think you sound now.

But this doesn’t happen for many people.


It’s because most people don’t have the right instructions.

Most people struggle with their voice, never really knowing if they’re doing it right or not.

I sure did, but I came to a point where I could stand it no longer. I NEEDED the right instructions. I HAD to discover how to really sing like I knew I could.

After many months of sifting through information, I finally came up with the answer. A step-by-step method that could take me to the voice of my dreams.

I want to share a few vocal training tips to help you on your way, and then show you the “missing piece” of the singing puzzle.

Vocal Training Tip 1

Lowering your larynx.

Your larynx is your voice box. It’s where your vocal chords are located (your vocal chords are the muscle tissue that vibrates to create sound)

One of the things 99% of singers struggle with the most, is the muscles outside their larynx interferes in the singing process. These “outer” larynx muscles are what you use to swallow food.

If you put your finger on your Adam’s apple and swallow, you will feel these “outer” larynx muscles force your larynx upwards.

It’s possible to disengage these troublesome muscles, and when you do, amazing things begin to happen.

All of a sudden you will find it much easier to access much higher notes than you could before. Your tone quality will improve. And best of all, you will feel no tension when you sing! That’s right. By disengaging the “outer” muscles of the larynx, you will have complete vocal freedom.

So how can you do this?

Well, here’s something to get you started.

Put your finger on the tip of your Adam’s apple again (the top notch in your throat).

Now, say the word “mum” in a dopey voice.

Make sure it’s really dopey!

Did you notice that your larynx dropped when you used this dopey tone?


Now, go to your CD player or computer and put in a song that you like to sing.

But instead of singing it normally, replace each word with this dopey “mum” sound.

Sing it through a few times and notice what happens!

You will find that you can sing the song with far less tension. This is because the dopey “mum” sound is preventing your larynx from moving upwards.

The downwards motion that the “mum” creates cancels out the ability of the outer larynx muscles to force the larynx upwards.

Now, you might be thinking, “Great, I can sing with less tension, but I sound ridiculous singing in this dopey voice”.

You are right! It doesn’t sound perfect.

But this is not your finished sound. This is just an exercise to train your “outer” larynx muscles (your swallowing muscles) to sit still when you sing. Once these troublesome muscles are disengaged, you can make your tone less dopey… more normal… and they will continue to sing still.

Well. Enjoy practicing this exercise. It’s extremely powerful. If you practice this vocal training tip for 15 minutes a day for a month, your voice will make a dramatic shift. 

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