Try These Effective Vocal Vibrato Exercises

On this page you will learn two vocal vibrato exercises that will help you develop a fine vibrato in quick time.

If you want to learn how to develop an excellent vocal vibrato, keep reading.

There’s a singing myth that I’d like to bust. This is a myth that I hear singing teachers say over and over again. The myth is that if you don’t have natural vibrato, you can’t develop it.

This is a load of rubbish! (As I will prove to you on this page)

There are many simple vocal vibrato exercises that you can do that will allow you to develop a fine vibrato. And in a couple of minutes I’m going to give you a few to get you started.

One thing that I want to mention before we get to the exercises is: When you’ve got your vocal vibrato going, it’s a sign that your voice is functioning correctly for singing. So it’s a very good sign if you can get that vibrato going in your voice!

What About All Those Singers That Have An Amazing Vibrato Without Training?

You may think, “those singers that have an easy, natural vibrato must be far more talented than me”.

Effective vocal vibrato exercises

The truth is: It’s very possible that most of these singers haven’t had a smooth vibrato their whole life.

Here’s a singing tip for you… One of the best ways to develop vibrato is to simply clown around with it!

Sing in the shower and exaggerate your vibrato so it sounds crazy. The more you play with it, the more you understand where it comes from and how it feels.

Very few singers are simply born with their vibrato. Yes, it may come easier for some, but from my experience literally anyone can develop an excellent, fast spinning vibrato.

Let Me Prove This To You

Do this exercise and you’ll get a small taste of what vibrato is, and where it comes from.

First, place your hand in between your belly button and your lower ribs. It’s that soft spot just above your belly button.

Now, with your hand in this position, sing any note in your easy range. It doesn’t make which note you sing, just choose one.

While you are singing this note, begin push your hand in just above the belly button, then immediately release it. Then push in again and release once more.

Try doing this “pumping” at a rate of around 3-4 cycles per second.

Can you hear how your voice begins wavering in a vibrato like fashion?

Now this is just the beginning. It’s just a small taste of vibrato. I mean, your not going to push in and out on your stomach in a performance to get a very exaggerated vibrato are you?!

The purpose of the vocal vibrato exercise is to teach you where your vibrato comes from, and show you that your voice has the ability to produce vibrato.

If you want to get really serious about developing a great vibrato, there are many vocal vibrato exercises in the free course on this page.

Also, practice the exercise that I described to you earlier, and as you do, pay close attention to how your voice feels. Then, take your hand away and see if you can recreate this feeling (and the vibrato) without the use of your hands.

Good Luck!

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