Vocal Warm Up Exercises For Men

Watch the video below for some vocal warm up exercises for men.

When you are a male singer there are some things you need to take into consideration that are different from being a female singer.

In the video you will learn the most important things you need to keep in mind. After practicing the exercises demonstrated your voice will feel warm and like everything is working much easier.

The Hardest Thing About Being A Male Singer

The reason this video is specifically for male singers is because we tend to have much bigger, heavier voices than females.

While this can give a wonderful rich tone quality, it can also make things more difficult as your sound tends to want to fall back into your throat.

The big secret for male singers is to get your sound out of your throat and into your head. When you do this things are going to feel much easier and less strained.

You'll notice in the video we are doing a simple Lip Trill exercise.

The point is to gently "wake up" your vocal chords. This helps us ease into singing and gets our voices working smoothly.

The most important thing to pay attention to is when you are singing your lower notes on the lip trill, making sure your sound doesn't fall back into your throat.

To help this, firstly as you watch the video above you'll notice the funny face you can use, that helps keep your voice in place.

Secondly, when you sing your lower notes, you can "think" that you're singing "up into the note". This mental technique is very useful for keeping your sound out of your throat and placed correctly in your head.

The Best Vocal Warm Up Exercises For Men

When warming your voice up it's a little like getting ready to place a sports game. You're stretching out your muscles so when you go into that first sprint you don't pull anything!

So keep things nice and easy in the beginning. Stay in a range you're very comfortable in. Sing at a nice medium to low volume.

After you've done this for a few minutes you can begin to get a little louder and take your voice into the higher and lower parts of your range.

Finally, while these vocal warm up exercises for men are excellent for programming great technique into your voice, there are many more that will help you a lot.

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