Vocal Warm Up Exercises That Work

If you need some vocal warm up exercises that work, then keep reading…

I’ve been singing for many years now, and in my experience there are many warm up exercises that simply don’t work.

Ok, now that’s not exactly true, because if you do anything with your voice for long enough it’s going to warm it up to a certain extent.

What I’m saying though, is there are certain exercises that work far better than anything else. And by using one of these “more effective” exercises, you can warm your voice up in just a few minutes.

The benefits of having a properly warmed up voice are huge…

When you’ve warmed up correctly, your singing is going to be FAR better than if you haven’t.

You’ll be able to hit higher notes… your tone quality will be richer… and you’ll be able to form your sound with little effort at all…

Ok, so let’s do some vocal warm up exercises…

Now you’ve probably heard of this first exercise.

It’s the one I like to begin with because it’s really easy and gets your voice to begin to warm up.

The exercise is to keep your mouth closed and hum on an easy scale.

The key is to keep your humming in a comfortable area of your voice, so you don’t need to strain at all.

I like to do this for three to five minutes before moving into any other vocal warm up exercises.

It’s sort of like doing a “fast walk” for a few minutes before you begin jogging. It gets the right muscles moving in the easiest possible way.

Ok, so after you’ve done some humming for a few minutes, it’s time to move onto something a little more sophisticated.

This next exercise is sort of like a “secret weapon” to singers who know it.

If you’ve done it before, you’ll know what I mean!

The name of this exercise is the “lip roll”.

And it’s most likely the best vocal warm up exercise there is.

The reason it’s so effective is it rapidly warms up your voice, and also gets everything coordinating correctly and efficiently.

If you use only the lip roll in your singing practice, you will continue to improve steadily.

Ok, so how do you do this exercise?

Well, the best way to learn it is to observe someone doing it.

I haven’t filmed myself doing this exercise yet, but there is a video that you can access on another website that demonstrates the lip roll superbly.

Here’s how you watch the video. (There are a few small hoops you need to jump through, but it’s so worth it to learn this valuable exercise!) On this page.

When the next page loads, follow the instructions to sign up for the members content. It doesn’t cost anything and you get some great singing lessons for doing so.

When you’re signed up you will be able to watch a video that has a male singer demonstrating this exercise. As you watch this, try the vocal warm up exercise yourself.

Once you’ve “got it down”, make this exercise a part of every singing session you have.

If there is any single exercise that can take your voice to the next level, this is it. So go to this page and check out the vocal warm up exercises now.

You’ll thank me for it, I promise!

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